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   Chapter 47 Delicateness

The Enchanted Night By Changdu Characters: 12265

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Night spread over the small space like a dark canopy as tears clouded Cassandra's vision and made everything dimmer. Her tears, flowing like waterfalls, traced wet paths down her cheeks.

Cassandra surrendered to her sorrows as Rufus held her in his arms. She had reached the end of her tether, and it was as if her past was catching up to her, along with everything she tried so desperately to bury and leave behind. Letting herself be lulled in his embrace, she closed her eyes and clung to the comfort he was giving her like it was air. She knew that she shouldn't let him hug her like this - she was a married woman and he was her brother-in-law. However, she just couldn't prevent herself from reaching out to him as sobs wracked her frame and shivering from the coldness that sprang from her chest.

Rufus felt her shivers and wrapped his arms tighter around her, stroking her hair gently. His chest constricted at the sight of Cassandra's tear-stained face. Another tremor shook her shoulders. At that moment, if he could take away her pain or somehow find a way to free her from it and claim it for himself, he would not have hesitated. He remembered her smiles as they drove on the road here, and wanted so desperately to bring it back, the image of her face almost gleaming against the light of day.

The tremors eased and he felt her shoulders relax as she continued to breathe deeply. "Why are you crying?" he finally asked. "Aren't you happy that you are back home?"

He looked down and Cassandra raised her head slowly to meet his eyes, not speaking a word. Rufus looked into her eyes, and he found himself unable to tear his gaze away from the pain in her eyes, as if it was speaking to him. He watched once again as tears filled her eyes to the brim, flowing down her face in wet trails.

"Silly girl," Rufus sighed and gave her a fond smile.

He did not know why he had done this - taking her in his arms and comforting her as the emotions raging inside her. All he knew was that even before he could comprehend it, his feet were headed to her, and arms reached out holding her to him. He didn't understand it himself, but it seemed that when it came to this woman, he dropped all his guards. Slowly and carefully, he raised his hand and held her face. His touch was careful, as if he was touching delicate glass. Cassandra felt his warm fingers wipe her tears as his eyes never left hers.

At once, more tears flowed out, as a sudden wave of sorrow washed over her. It was as if that small touch released more of her sadness. "Rufus..."

She called him, her voice shaking.

She didn't know where to begin and what to tell him. Her head was a whirlwind because her pain had wrung her chest, squeezing out whatever was left of her.

Rufus didn't say a word and just looked at her, patiently waiting, until she could find the words to start.

He kept wiping her tears away. There was a desire inside calling him to protect her, keep her safe, and hide her away forever from anything that could have hurt her. It was an alien feeling, one that he had never experienced before, and yet unmistakable, like a mark brandishing itself in his mind.

The Cassandra he knew was strong and stubborn, but now looking at the woman in his arms, she was so fragile and hurting. He wanted nothing more at that instant than to be the one to protect her.

Nothing could have prepared him for what happened next. His mind stopped for a moment when he felt her soft and warm lips on his own. Cassandra was standing on her tiptoes and wrapping her arms around Rufus' neck when she pressed her lips on his, pulling him closer desperately.

It was as if ever

till hasn't come back." Cassandra felt as if a bomb had detonated in her mind at hearing her sister's question. She struggled to keep herself calm and said, "Um. I don't know. I haven't seen him."

The mention of his name brought back the guilt that she felt about what she had done. She didn't dare to make eyecontact with Cloris, afraid that her eyes would betray her. Her cheeks warmed and she licked her lips, subconsciously. She could almost feel his lips on hers again. Even as she felt herself wanting to crumble in shame, in one corner of her heart, there was an emotion that had evaded her for so long: happiness. It was as if the warmth in his arms reached her heart, thawing the cold pain held captive for so long.

Cloris continued to chatter as they made their way to the three in the living room, but her words couldn't register on her sister's mind. When Cassandra's eyes met with Lionel's, she caught a very strange sight. He was sitting on the sofa, with a gentle smile that she had never seen before.

Despite her surprise, her expression did not change. She had already known from Cloris earlier that he would be here, and so she had been able to brace herself for the encounter. She just hoped that he could play nice and not embarrass her in front of her family.

She greeted her parents as she always did, as if nothing was unusual. Then she walked towards Lionel and sat down on the sofa beside him, carefully keeping some distance between them.

Lionel turned to her, his eyes shining. He almost seemed happy to see his wife as he gave her an affectionate smile. Cassandra felt him move closer and erase the distance between them on the sofa.

"Sorry I'm late, honey,"

he said softly. Saying that she was shocked was an understatement. An unreadable look appeared on Cassandra's face as she struggled to make sense of what was happening. Did she hear him right? Lionel really called her 'honey'? She wasn't dreaming, was she? Besides, what was wrong with him? When did he ever use such a gentle tone to talk to her? What was he trying to do?

Questions poured into Cassandra's head, making her turn her head to look at the man who was sitting beside her. She wore a normal expression but surprise was evident in her eyes. Lionel looked at her with tender eyes, still smiling softly. But as soon as his gaze moved down to her swollen lips, the smile on his face withered, and his eyes turned into cold steel.

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