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   Chapter 46 I Am Here

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Cassandra's heart pounded as she saw the silhouette of people waiting for her, their features becoming more and more distinct as the car came near the entrance. Her eyes found her mother's, and she almost leapt out of the car as soon as it came to a halt. She ran to Edith and wrapped her in her arms. "Mother," she said in an almost choked voice. Her joy was unexplainable as she felt her mother's own arms gather her. She took a deep breath, letting the familiar scent lull her.

It was a very warm reunion. The other members of the Qin family had gathered together to welcome Cassandra, their delight for her return was evident on the bright smiles on their faces. Vernon, however, stood silently on one side as if it was nothing special, even if he hadn't seen his own daughter for so many years.

Standing next to Vernon was a woman who had a face that was strikingly similar to Cassandra's. They had the same bright eyes and high nose, but she wore her hair in a chin-length bob, giving her a doll-like look.

That was Cloris, who was a spitting image of her older sister. However, her attention was pulled away from Cassandra to the handsome stranger who came with her.

He was standing silently behind her, tall, and handsome. It was impossible not to notice him, despite his quietness. And although Cloris wasn't familiar with her brother-in-law, she knew that the man behind Cassandra was not him.

Turning to her sister, she greeted her warmly and took her hand. "Cassandra, you came home. Finally! We have all missed you so much. Who is the handsome man behind you?"

she asked enthusiastically.

Cassandra nodded her head at her father and greeted him politely. Cloris and she did not grow up together, as they lived in different places, but she was glad for her warm welcome. As if in response to her question, she turned around and met Rufus' eyes. It was as if the world stopped for a split-second as they smiled at each other at the same time. Before she could speak, Vernon said with his heavy voice, "Alright, let's go inside."

Upon that, Edith grabbed her daughter's hand and walked inside. Bright voices filled the air as the family laughed and talked on the way back to the mansion.

Everyone settled in the living room with some hot tea and biscuits on the table. Amidst the conversations, Vernon stared at Rufus who was sitting across from him.

"I have heard a lot of things about you, Mr. Luo. We are very much impressed by your achievements in the Tang Group… Thank you for accompanying Cassandra here today."

The courtesy Vernon showed in his words was devoid of any warmth, as if he was keeping a distance between them.

"My pleasure, Mr. Qin. Besides, it was my father who asked me to do so,"

Rufus replied, choosing his words wisely. He understood the cause of Vermon's actions, and picked up on the silent question that belied his uncharacteristic civility, as everyone else in the room might be thinking the same thing. For it was he, not Lionel, Cassandra's husband, who was with her today.

"Father, Rufus takes care of me a lot, whether it is in the company, or at home. Therefore…"

Cassandra found herself explaining, but hesitantly her words trailed off. She caught a weird feeling and decided against elaborating their connection.

"Lionel must be very busy lately,"

Vernon said after a pause. He coughed looking meaningfully at Cassandra.

"Well…I guess so."

In fact, Cassandra knew nothing about Lionel's work, not to mention whether he was busy or not.

"I see. Now I understand why he didn't come home with you and asked Mr. Luo instead. That's alright.

her daughter flee from the room, her head bowed.

Evening came. Moonlight washed over the Qin mansion, lending it an ethereal silvery light reflected on the wall. 'Would my family be able to own and live in this mansion if I didn't marry Lionel?' Cassandra thought to herself as she took in the sight. Despite the glimmer, she found none of the wonder that would have come over anyone else at such a grand sight.

She was walking alone in the backyard of the mansion. It felt both foreign and familiar. After all, she did not live in this place long enough to be able to call it home.

Her childhood days were spent with her grandmother. She lived in the countryside - with verdant grass sprawling like an endless carpet under her feet, the smell of the fields in harvest season, and the stars that shone like distant lamps in the sky. Those times were probably the happiest in her life. She didn't move into this mansion until her grandmother passed away. Back then, the floor was made of concrete, the halls echoed empty, and the glaring lights of the chandelier were poor substitutes for her stars.

Then, as if to make things even worse, Vernon traded her for his business, marrying her to the Tang family. Any remaining happiness or hope that she had deserted her when her own family offered her like they would any other merchandise. And yet, not once did she complain. She chose to save them from the suffering and claimed the entirety of the burden. Hot tears flowed as she thought of all the things she wanted to fling at them. She thought, they would at least be understanding, but she was wrong.

She placed a hand over her mouth as she sobbed, not wanting her sobs to reach the ears of the people inside the house. Even now, she had to contain her grief alone, in the place that was suppossed to be her home. She sucked in deep breaths and her shoulders heaved as she wrapped an arm around herself to contain her quivers.


a familiar voice called from behind her. Cassandra turned around to the silhouette of a man, her tears falling down from her face.

All at once, she was enveloped in strong and steady arms. Before she could say anything, Rufus pulled her to his chest, murmuring softly in her ears, "It's alright. I'm here."

At his words, Cassandra felt the full weight of her sorrow crash upon her shoulders and she finally let the storm of her emotions go in Rufus' arms.

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