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   Chapter 45 Cassandra Is Back

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A white Bentley sped on the road, its tires gliding smoothly over the pavement. The woman in the front passenger seat rolled down the window and closed her eyes, a blissful expression on her face. She breathed in deeply, a big smile lighting up her features. She was filled with anticipation, and her heart pounded rhythmically in her chest as the engine hummed.

"Someone's in a good mood,"

Rufus said lightly, his eyes crinkling as he sat behind the wheel. He glanced at the woman beside him, and then turned his attention back to the road.

Cassandra's smile grew wider at his remark. She turned to him, her face almost gleaming with joy.

"Of course. Finally, I'm on my way home. It's been a long time," she replied cheerfully and drew a long breath. "I can hardly wait."

Since her return from Rome, she had only seen her mother, Edith, once. After four years of separation, it was nowhere near enough. She hadn't gone back to visit her family for many years, and even if that place held no good memories, a significant part of her past stayed there, in the house where she grew up.

The smile on Rufus' lips vanished as he listened to her. He gripped the steering wheel and drove on, falling back on instinct as thoughts swirled inside his head. Home. What an obscure concept. To the likes of him, home was a luxury.

'No, it was once a luxury, ' he corrected himself silently, fighting off the bitter taste the word left in his mouth. Now he didn't need it at all.

He had no need for it after the only person he could call his family was already gone. When his mother died, she took with her all the warmth he had ever known in his life. Now, he was truly orphaned. Alone, and homeless.

"You don't look well. Are you all right?" He was pulled back from his gloomy musings by Cassandra's voice.

She kept staring at him, concern written all over her face, as if she was waiting for an answer from him. After the party, the two seemed to have an unspoken understanding, as if they had known each other better.

Cassandra's heart beat faster at the thought. Rufus found himself unable to break off from the deep pools of Cassandra's eyes. Holding her gaze, he caught a glimpse of the red light and hurriedly slammed the brakes to stop the car in time.

He let out a relieved breath. Cassandra was surprised at the jolt. Her concern grew as she wondered whether Rufus was alright.

"Brother, is everything okay?"

Cassandra asked again, moving close to Rufus. Rufus's profile filled her eyes as she turned to him. He was breathing a little harshly, and then he turned his head to meet her gaze and brought his hand to her cheek.

Cassandra was a little startled at the touch of his fingers. "What are you doing, brother? Are you sure eve

nd gave him a long gaze.


Lionel jumped up from the sofa at Jill's words. With the uncalculated movement, he banged his knee painfully against the tea table, knocking off the bowl of hot soup from the table. The sound of porcelain as it hit the floor was harsh and stinging. Almost half of the ginseng soup fell on Lionel's legs.

"Ouch!" Lionel winced as a stabbing pain fell on his leg. Jill turned pale with fear and hurriedly asked the servants to sweep away the shards.

"Son, are you all right? Do you get burnt? Let me see,"

she asked him hurriedly. Lionel said nothing to her and ignored the burning sensation on his skin as he glared threateningly at Horace.

"Was it you who allowed Rufus to take Cassandra back?"

he asked through gritted teeth.

"And what of it?"

Horace snapped back, challenging him. Lionel was too proud to see logic. The Qin family lived far away from the Tang family, and it was not safe for Cassandra to go back home alone. What was more, Lionel never spared a glance for Cassandra. He wouldn't have gone to visit the Qin family with her anyway, so why was he acting like a neglected husband now?

"You old fool! I am Cassandra's husband!"

Lionel bellowed in fury, the pain in his leg forgotten. He glared at his father with reproachful eyes, and then rushed out without waiting for Horace's answer. Jill called pleadingly after him, but her cries fell on deaf ears.

After several hours' drive, Rufus and Cassandra finally arrived in the northernmost part of G City, where Cassandra's family lived.

People from the Qin family had been eagerly awaiting her arrival. They stood at the gate with watchful eyes, ready to greet her with open arms.

As the white Bentley approached, Edith standing on the side, finally let out a relieved smile.

Cassandra was finally back…

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