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   Chapter 44 Going Back Home With You

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Obscene moans could be heard continually from the video on the screen. Some of the employees blushed with embarrassment and the whispers in the crowd grew heated, resulting in an increased commotion.

When the words 'Lionel Tang' showed up on the screen, each one of them turned to look at Lionel, who was sitting in the front of the room.

Lionel had turned pale the moment he saw the video. Now, seeing his name on it, he jumped out of his chair. Rushing to the stage, he plucked the remote out of the hands of the stunned emcee.

Pointing it at the screen, he turned off the video and furiously looked around.

"Who is responsible for this prank? And what are you people looking at? Close your eyes, goddammit, all of you!"

Lionel's eyes flashed with rage like flames of fire. Ivy's face had gone white. She was completely dumbfounded at what just happened. How did the video get switched to this?

She had arranged the video in the playlist, the one of Rufus and Cassandra entering and leaving the hotel room in H City. How did it get swapped for the footage of her and Lionel in bed?

The erotic video spoiled the celebration banquet. Everyone had been having a great time until now, an awkward tension lingered in the air. Horace was trembling. He wanted to go up on the stage and slap his disappointing son.

"What a shame! How disgraceful!"

Jill put an arm around Horace and patted him on the chest in consolation. She was red with embarrassment too.

People were whispering once again. Cassandra blinked and looked around, not sure what to do next. She gulped hard, feeling like she had lost the ability to speak.

"Did you do that?"

she somehow asked Rufus, who stood next to her. His face had been expressionless ever since the video began. He didn't let out so much as a gasp. Unlike others, he wasn't shocked or scandalized.

He was always calm in the face of all kinds of situations, no matter how startling they were. But why today? Why did he decide to play the video in front of all employees in the Tang Group at the victory banquet? It was quite a real blow to Lionel.

"I'm just reciprocating an act of kindness."

Rufus sneered, not answering her directly. The curl of his lips sent a chill down her spine.

His words dripped with insinuation and it puzzled Cassandra. What was he playing at? The very air around him was daunting.

"Isn't…this a bit too much?"

After a long pause, Cassandra mustered up her courage and asked him the question, wringing her hands.

"Is it, though? You think I crossed a line?"

Rufus asked her pointedly without look

the problems between the two brothers. He seemed to have aged tonight, as if the episode at the banquet had taken a toll on him.

Rufus cast Cassandra a look, still peeved about the displeasure she had expressed about the leaked video.

"Cassandra, Lionel…we're sorry. You did a lot to help us with the project. What do you want as a prize? No matter what it is, I promise I will make it happen for you,"

Horace said, forcing a small smile on his face. Her arrival had lightened up his mood.

Cassandra had not thought about what she truly needed. However, there was one thing she had been wanting to do for ages. She had been too busy to do it before.

"Dad, can I go home and visit my mother?"

Home. The word was both strange and familiar to Cassandra. If it wasn't for her mother, she probably wouldn't have wanted to go back again.

"Sure. You can go whenever you want. I will ask the butler to buy a present for your mother. But I'm afraid Lionel cannot accompany you,"

Horace said yes to her request without hesitation. He failed to hide the disappointment in his eyes at the mention of his son's name.

"That's fine. I can go by myself…"

Cassandra beamed, an exciting little smile spreading over her face. Before she could finish, however, Rufus interrupted her with a husky voice.

"I can accompany Cassandra. I heard that the Qin family is quite far away from here. It wouldn't be safe for a woman to go alone…"

Cassandra's head jerked up at his words. Their eyes met and something sparked between them. Her heart hammered in her chest and her brain seemed to turn foggy. The way he made her feel was beyond words.

Somehow, her heart just couldn't help but look forward to going home with Rufus…

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