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   Chapter 43 Obscene Video

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The air suddenly seemed to freeze, and Lionel's face had turned grim. After Rufus finished his wine, he glimpsed at the couple in front of them casually, before turning to give Cassandra a reassuring grin.

Cassandra was touched. Warmth began to rise in her heart. As she gazed at the man who stood beside her, her eyes couldn't help but turn watery.

No one had ever protected her like Rufus. No matter how desperate the situation was, the man seemed to materialize out of nowhere to defend her. She felt so safe around him.

"Mr. Luo, it looks like you care a lot about your subordinates. How magnanimous of you,"

Ivy spoke ironically, breaking the awkward silence among them, while casting a meaningful glance at both Cassandra and Rufus.

"Rufus, you've gone too far!"

Lionel said out loud, unable to keep calm any longer. This man had, once again, shown too much concern for his wife. Not once, not twice, but many times now. Though who else could he blame, except for himself? It was he who had always pushed his own wife away.

"Well... She already stated that she couldn't drink. Why was it so important for you to press her into submission, just because you're her superior?"

Rufus questioned, his voice dripping with contempt. To him, Lionel's actions were simply childish and naive. He already brought his lover along to publicly humiliate Cassandra. Now, he was even trying to get her drunk. It pissed Rufus off completely.

The words rendered Lionel speechless. How could he argue with that? He fumed silently, unable to get another word out. All he could do was to glare at his wife fiercely.

When he found nothing to say, Ivy pounced on the opportunity. "Mr. Luo, do you have some sort of affection for Manager Qin? Is that why you are protecting her? I wouldn't find it surprising. Manager Qin is young and beautiful. It's quite natural for you to fall for her, isn't it?"

Ivy thought she was being clever, but she was only adding fuel to the fire. Lionel's entire body became tense at her words. He wondered how Rufus would respond to what she said.

'Perhaps, ' he thought, 'keeping my marriage to Cassandra a secret from the Tang Group employees has been a mistake.' He opened his mouth and was about to say something when Cassandra beat him to it. She had been silent for some time, but now she glanced at Ivy disdainfully and jeered, "Would you mind reminding me of who you are?"

Cassandra smiled at her disparagingly. The arrogant woman had been provoking her and Rufus thr

ctive lips curled up in glee and she whispered in his ear in a playful tone, "Hon, the show has begun."

He raised his eyebrows at her and gazed at the huge screen on stage. Perhaps today, he hoped, he would finally defeat his adversary, Rufus, and his annoying wife, Cassandra. He could already envision his imminent triumph.

The applause began to fade as the audience fixed their eyes on the screen. The first few minutes of the video detailed general information on Tang Group. When the office building of Tang Group was shown, the screen suddenly turned pitch black before jumping to another picture.

Puzzled, the attendees exchanged curious glances, hoping that someone would offer an explanation. The crowd was unsettled and the whispers grew.

The picture on the screen resurfaced and stunned everybody in the room. It was obviously a scene from a hotel room, with a huge canopied bed covered in rose red sheets.

A man and a woman were on the bed, their faces reconstructed into digital mosaics that rendered them beyond recognition. The obscene sounds they made echoed in the entire hall.

Their faces had been concealed on purpose. However, the voices of the pair sounded familiar.

Cassandra's pupil contracted and her mouth opened wide with astonishment. She was stunned. Blinking her eyes repeatedly, she twisted her head to look at Rufus, who had an indifferent look on his face.

Their eyes met again and she read on his face that what she suspected was true. Suddenly, she felt like she was frozen all over and unable to move. Rufus had shown her the video before. The two protagonists in this scandalous video were none other than Lionel and Ivy…

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