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   Chapter 41 Bring A Mistress To The Party

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 12115

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The party was held at a five-star hotel in G City. It was no ordinary party. This one was the biggest celebration ever hosted by the hotel. Everyone present was either enjoying the free-flowing wine or busy having small chit-chats. The atmosphere in the hall was starting to get overwhelming. The night was still young, but the hall was already crowded with guests who were enjoying the soft music in the background. Dressed in designer clothes, everyone was flaunting themselves to meet new acquaintances.

The party was a celebration of the success of a recent project which had made a huge profit for the Tang Group. The big win was the reason behind the smiles of almost everyone attending the party.

Instrumental piano music echoed in the big hall as Rufus entered the hall. Looking great in his jet-black tailored suit, he had all the reason to be happy. He was the one in charge of the project and played a crucial role in gaining that huge profit.

His dramatic entrance made every head turn towards his direction. He always fancied the color black, for him it was elegant and mysterious at the same time. Wearing one this evening made him look bolder and superior. There was a serious look on his well-sculptured face that made every woman in the room swoon at his sight.

Since he became the CEO of the Tang Group, one could say that he became famous overnight. There was no doubt that the handsome and mysterious CEO had turned out to be the newest, sought-after, bachelor in G City.

"Mr. Luo is really an excellent CEO. You must be proud as his father, Mr. Tang,"

One of the shareholders of the Tang Group said to Horace, congratulating him for having such a remarkable son.

Everybody knew that Rufus was Horace's son out of wedlock. But no one dared to point it out. As shareholders, they were all wise enough to keep their mouths shut. Obviously, Horace wouldn't be glad if they would call Rufus a bastard.

"Rufus is still very young and has a lot to learn from you guys,"

Horace replied, but he just couldn't hide his proud smile hearing the shareholder's words. He was aware of how competent his son was, and extremely proud that Rufus made the cooperation plan worked. It was indeed a very smart idea to make him the CEO.

After exchanging a few more words with the shareholders, Horace looked around the hall. He seemed to be looking for someone. His eyes shone with excitement as soon as he spotted Rufus, who was sitting by the bar, drinking. He excused himself from the shareholders and made his way to his son.

"There you are, Rufus, my son! What a successful cooperation plan. Thanks to you and Cassandra,"

Horace acclaimed when he stood beside his son, giving him a gentle pat on the back. In fact, he rarely had a chance to be alone with Rufus. He had two glasses of wine in his hands, and gestured for Rufus to take one.

Hearing his voice, Rufus raised his head and took the glass from Horace's hand and politely took a sip.

"It's a good decision not to give the task to Lionel. He couldn't have achieved it well as you did. I am really proud of you, Rufus."

In the binge of being drunk, Horace was more talkative than usual. He had patted Rufus' on the back for several times now and the smile on his face could never seem to cease.

Rufus was just silent all this time. In fact, he didn't have anything to say to his father. He was still holding a grudge against him. Especially after his mother's death, he felt nothing for his so-called father except hatred.

"Where is Cassandra? I haven't seen her around yet. She's supposed to be here by now."


party, Rufus asked Victor to go and pick up Cassandra, who was stuck on the way, from the 8th avenue after hanging up the call. Hearing his words, Victor widened his eyes in shock, giving Rufus a surprised look. But he quickly nodded to signify that he was going.

As far as Victor concerned, he was Rufus' personal assistant - he only did things for Rufus and Rufus only, no one else. Picking up a woman stuck in the traffic jam had never happened during his working years with Rufus. Never in a million years would he imagine that one day, his boss would ask him to do something for a woman he only knew for a short time.

Not long after Victor took off, Lionel finally showed up in his magnanimous royal blue suit. Of course, he would be present at the party and wouldn't miss it for the world. Besides the party was hosted by the Tang Group, there would be no reason for him to skip it.

His presence didn't add up to the excitement of the night, because everyone was expecting him to be there. Entering the hall, everyone's head turned towards his direction. What made everyone gasp in surprise was the woman he brought with him and the way he held her by the waist.

The lady was none other than his girlfriend, Ivy.

She walked in wrapped in Lionel's arms. Her long red dress flaunting her sexy curves was a feast for eyes of men. There was an enticing smile on her pretty face as she walked with confidence, claiming as Lionel's significant other.

Horace's face hardened after seeing his son walking in with a mistress. He felt so humiliated. It was a celebration party, and Lionel was supposed to be with his wife. Instead, he came to show off his mistress.

'How could he be so rude and insensitive? He is a married man for God's sake!' Horace cursed under his breath. Everyone knew that he was married but only a few knew who his wife was.

Those in the Tang Group who knew that Cassandra was Lionel's wife stood still in surprise. All eyes were on him and his mistress. It was clear that they were looking forward to seeing more drama as the night commenced. The celebration party was getting more and more exciting.

At the far end of the hall, Rufus, who also saw Lionel and Ivy, narrowed his dark brown eyes. The corners of his thin lips lifted into a mocking smirk. A brilliant idea flashed through his mind, making his mysterious face look even more dangerous.

"Huh!" he snarled.

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