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   Chapter 40 A Dirty Story

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 8907

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The night unveiled a dirty story. Lionel and Ivy were planning something.

"I can't believe that you actually went to H City,"

Ivy said, feigning indifference. But as Lionel watched her reactions, a fleeting hint of jealousy and her shortness of breath betrayed her.

"What about it? Are you jealous? I only went there to get a scoop on Rufus, so that I can kick him out of the Tang Group more easily," responded Lionel.

The whole night, he appeared a little absent-minded. Every time he replayed the humiliating scenes of Rufus forcing him to kneel before Cassandra and kicking him out afterward, Lionel's anger against his brother kept on boiling.

At heart, he swore that he would have Rufus paid the price!

"So, did you find anything?"

Ivy's question was tongue-in-cheek. She didn't take Lionel's words seriously.

In response to her teasing, he simply sneered, turned over in bed, and snuggled closer to her.

Wearing a sensuous shade of red lipstick, Ivy whispered into his ears, "Lionel. I'll soon get the evidence."

It was very late. The darkness was gathering outside, just like Lionel's moods. It was time to hit the sack, hoping that tomorrow would be a better day. For the fretful day it had been, Lionel had feared he would turn and toss for the better part of the night. But by some stroke of luck, he went out like a light and slept quite peacefully.

Early in the morning as the first rays of sunlight lit the horizon, Lionel convinced himself that the bright day would banish his melancholy and he would lift up his head again.

The eminent landmark of G City, the Tang Group towers, with its classy blue finish sparkled in the morning light.

In good time, Cassandra arrived at the offices and headed straight to her own department. The few staff members who had made it earlier welcomed her with congratulatory messages for her feat in sealing the multi-million dollar deal for the company.

"Manager Qin, that was incredible! I can't believe you made the deal, quick and easy. Someone is going to get a promotion," enthused one colleague.

"Yeah, I've always believed Manager Qin's credentials. With charisma, brains and go-getting attitude, Manager Qin deserves the position," chipped in another.

"We feel privileged working under you. You have a lot for us to learn. Together we will make a difference to out company." added yet another.

The compliments were endless, overwhelming. By now, a small crowd had formed around her, among which were some unfamiliar faces. For a moment, she just stood there, not sure how to react. It began to feel awkward.

Thank goodness, someone intervened. "Ladies a

perfect on you."

When Cassandra hesitated, Stella picked up a long strapless white dress and asked her to try it on.

But Cassandra frowned. It was a low cut dress that would expose a little too much cleavage. That was not Cassandra's sense of fashion, not to mention her marital status. Even with the problems she had been through, she still leaned somewhat on the conservative side. Besides, Horace and Jill would be at the banquet too. It would be more appropriate to carry herself with decorum.

"Why are you hesitant, Cassandra? Go to the dressing room and try it on. We haven't done our hair yet. You'd better hurry up."

Seeing how much Cassandra was reluctant, she handed her the dress and nudged her anxiously.

At long last, Cassandra was literally pushed into the dressing room. Feeling embarrassed, she played along, to avoid unnecessary drama.

A few minutes later, she emerged from the dressing room. The floor-length gown looked stunning on her.

She was perfect, combining the dress, her minimalist make-up, and her shoulder-length hair. She could easily steal the show tonight.

"Is it bad?"

she asked when she realized all eyes around were fixed on her.

The question brought Stella back to attention. Blinking, she came over and put a hairpin on Cassandra.

"You know what, Cassandra? You're gonna rock tonight, girl," she praised.

Then holding hands, she led Cassandra to the full-length mirror.

Perfectly, the dress accentuated Cassandra's curvy shape.

"Well…I'm not sure. Don't you think it's a" she asked softly.

Through all the compliments, Cassandra still felt worried. What if she dressed like this and saw Rufus on the banquet...

Wait, what? What was she doing? Why was she thinking about Rufus?

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