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   Chapter 39 A Clown Being Watched

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It is said that a man has gold under his knees - he should never show his weakness by kneeling before another person. Yet here Lionel found himself kneeling to Cassandra, but of course that was because Rufus had made him. He collapsed in a heap, rocking back and forth, trying to find a way to get up off the floor.

Lionel felt absolutely humiliated. He had never kneeled to anyone in his life. The awkward gesture rendered Cassandra startled. She gasped as she covered her mouth with her tiny hands, her eyes filled with surprise.

"Rufus, forget it. I didn't get hurt anyway. Let him go."

Cassandra was afraid that the spectators would make mountains out of molehills. She wanted everything to be copacetic, for everyone to get along. She hated drama. At her words, Lionel broke free from Rufus.

But Lionel was furious and ready for a rematch. Between his impetuousness and Rufus's machismo, they were poised to go at each other again. Fortunately, someone had called hotel security. Security guards arrived just in time to wrestle the two away from each other.

"Rufus, this is not over! Don't even think we are done. I'll get you back for this someday, when you least expect it! And I swear it'll hurt far worse than your weak-ass kick."

Lionel glared at Rufus like a cat gone feral, aching to sink his teeth into some blood and flesh. He gnashed his teeth and pointed two fingers at Rufus as he turned to leave the hotel. Rufus, for his part, kept it cool as Lionel bolted his way out of the door.

Lionel caught one last look at Cassandra as he left. His foul mood had been brewing and demanded that he had to leave now, before his ego took anymore damage. So he looked away quickly and sped up his pace to get the hell out of there.

A sudden and unexpected farce had come to an end. After Lionel left, there was a worried look on Cassandra's face and her eyebrows furrowed. She bit her lips subconciously. Lionel wouldn't give up easily this time. He wouldn't stop until he ferreted out the truth. The man was on a crusade.

If Lionel didn't stop at this incident – if he didn't let go of Rufus during their scuffle and tracked down the clues – sooner or later, he would find out what had happened between Cassandra and Rufus that night in Rome. And if that actually happened, it would be a disaster.

"Don't worry. I'm here with you,"

Rufus said to Cassandra, hoping to bring her a bit of comfort. He could feel her anxiety and worry. Rufus gazed at Cassandra lovingly as he glided toward her. His gentle voice was magical, easing her fears.

Cassandra raised her eyes to meet

my mother again, no matter who it is, he or she will pay for it!"

He sounded oddly indifferent yet calm. But his voice was as scary and threatening as usual. Then Rufus looked at Cassandra and said to Horace, "When you accuse someone of screwing others over, you need to show some evidence. Clearly, Jill has no proof. What are you going to do with her? She just slapped Cassandra."

Rufus was smart. He didn't forget about Cassandra and placed the onus on Horace to deal with Jill's behavior.

Horace was embarrassed to look at Cassandra. But when he mustered the courage, he saw her with both hands on her face. Tears had welled up in her eyes, and Horace could see she was trying mightily to hold them back.

"Cassandra, Lionel confided those things to Jill. Please don't be mad at her. After all, she's just concerned about the health of your marriage. Let me apolo…"

Before Horace could finish the word, Cassandra stopped him, "Dad, I'm okay. There's no need to apologize,"

Cassandra said slowly and forced a smile. She was tired of being stared at by the onlookers to the fight, so she walked to the stairs. Somehow, she had become a butt of the proverbial joke.

The secret Cassandra had been keeping to herself haunted her, torturing her constantly. She felt on the verge of collapsing. She was having trouble catching her breath. But then, she pulled herself together because she hated feeling this way: trapped in a secret she absolutely had to keep.

She wished this was all just a nightmare and eventually she would wake up happy. As she passed Rufus, he saw the tears in her eyes.

His heart sank, because he could feel her sadness and loneliness. He wanted desperately to be the one to erase her despair.

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