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   Chapter 38 Behind Lionel' s Back

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In the VIP Reception Room of the Hotel

When Cassandra and Rufus entered the reception room, they saw Lionel already sitting there. He had been waiting impatiently, and the anger in his eyes was obvious.

After that call, Lionel discovered that his wife didn't even have his phone number saved. It greatly wounded his pride.

"What are you doing here?"

Cassandra stared at Lionel, her face puzzled. Rufus and she came here for the project. Why was Lionel here in H City?

A teasing smile hung on Rufus's thin lips. He was wearing an air of nonchalance, with elusive expression in his dark brown eyes.

Cassandra's words added fuel to the fire that already blazed in Lionel's heart. Fury flashed in his eyes. Lionel stood up from the sofa. A vicious sneer curled the corners of his mouth.

He glanced at Rufus who remained silent beside Cassandra before walking up to his wife. What he did next was unexpected.

Lionel slowly reached out and pulled Cassandra in his arms, right under Rufus's nose. Cassandra yelped with astonishment as she was slammed against his chest. She pushed against him furiously.

"You are my wife. Do I need a reason to come and see you, huh?"

Lionel whispered in her ear as he held her. His voice was low and gentle, and every word seemed to indicate his endless affection for her.

Cassandra knew he had something up his sleeve. "Lionel, what are you doing? Let go of me!"

A mild blush appeared on Cassandra's cheeks. Embarrassed, she stole a glance at Rufus. For some reason, she felt guilty that he had to witness this and she tried hard to wriggle free from Lionel's hold.

"Come on, hon! We've been married for years now. You are so feisty in bed with me. I want to show off our for each other. Why do you feel shy in front of our brother?

When Cassandra showed no signs of yielding, Lionel tightened his grip. Shaken and winded by his strength, she stopped struggling.

'Was this man neurotic? What was he talking about? Since when I was feisty and passionate in bed with him!? We've never even had sex before.'

"It's funny. If you're such a passionate couple, why is Cassandra resisting you?"

Rufus, the silent spectator so far, drawled lazily. Feigning indifference, he narrowed his eyes at them. Cassandra still looked uncomfortable in his arms. Lionel's deliberate provocation was ridiculous.

His eyes zeroed in on the hands t

ddenly, Lionel threw himself at Cassandra like a wild beast.

His wrath was unmatched. It almost turned his eyes blood red, and he extended one hand as if to slap the woman who had offended him again and again.

Cassandra simply closed her eyes, unafraid of what Lionel would do to her.

Rufus had been leaning against the wall and staring with his mouth agape at the scene in front of him. He rushed like a gust of wind to protect Cassandra. Flinging out his fist, he hit Lionel hard in the face.

Lionel was knocked down to the floor. Blood oozed from the corners of his mouth, and the metallic taste of it made him want to vomit.

Cassandra's eyes opened as if in a trance, and they immediately widened at the sight. Her eyes flicked towards the man standing protectively in front of her. Her heart, that had long been frozen, began to thaw in the presence of his warmth.

Luckily, she had Rufus on her side.

Lionel was furious. He lifted himself up from the ground and raised a fist at Rufus. Rufus dodged him nimbly and grasped his hand, twisting it behind his back. Lionel howled in pain.

"A gentleman must use reason rather than resort to force. You actually want to slap a woman. How could you still call yourself a man?"

Rufus lifted an eyebrow and bent one knee, kicking Lionel swiftly in the leg. "Ah!" Lionel lost his balance and knelt in front of Cassandra. Beads of sweat were beginning to form on his forehead due to the sharp pain he felt.


Rufus scowled, his voice resonating with quiet fury. He left no room for Lionel to disobey his command.

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