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   Chapter 37 From A Girl To A Young Woman

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 8365

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In the five-star ballroom, among the lively chatter, Cassandra, with her superb insights and ideas, unexpectedly closed a deal that few had expected would go through.

Even Rufus started to admire Cassandra. After coming out of the hotel, the woman still felt embarrassed about last night's fling. However, Instead of talking about it, they drove straight to the party.

"Miss Qin, you're indeed the most unique designer I have ever seen, and your ideas are refreshing. I had already given up the collaboration with Tang Group, but your insights have rekindled my desire to work with them,"

holding a glass of wine in his hand, the boss from the collaborating company did not hesitate to praise Cassandra and said.

Cassandra lowered her eyes, her face showing a light but sweet smile. She was not good at handling the elation of such an occasion.

"I'm flattered. Thank you for giving Tang Group another chance," she answered in her natural courteous manner. "I will do my best to carry through it."

With the echo of colliding wine glasses, the rising sound of a piano started to play in the ballroom. Turning away, Cassandra immediately met Rufus's gaze.

The throbbing of their hearts in that moment of glory was synchronized. They had finally completed a major task together.

Standing next to her, Rufus's face beamed with a satisfied smile, his eyes lighting up with appreciation.

This woman always looked confused in a lovely way. However, in the workplace, she looked calm, mature and intelligent, which surprised Rufus a lot.

"Mr. Luo, we look forward to a successful collaboration. Miss Qin is a really gifted, intelligent woman. I think you two are a match made in heaven,"

The boss again joked. In the process, he took note of Rufus and Cassandra's moment of interlocking gazes upon each other.

"Mr. Wang, we are not..."

Being praised like that made Cassandra somewhat uneasy. But before she could explain their relationships, Rufus interrupted, "Thank you, Mr. Wang, we also look forward to working with you."

Then slowly, he raised the rim of the glass to his thin lips and guzzled down the red wine in large gulps. When he spoke, unmistakable joy crowned his husky, confident voice. A smile formed at the corners of his mouth and his deep eyes were set on Cassandra, with a hint of playfulness that made her blush.

"Since our work here is done, can we return to G City?"

After the party, Rufus and Cassandra sat inside the moving black Lincoln Contin

e you confidential information about our customers. That's against the company policy," the receptionist explained to Lionel at the front desk. Eventually, Lionel had rushed to H City, and quickly arrived at the hotel where Rufus and Cassandra stayed.

"I don't need any information from you. You just need to tell me if they stayed in the same room last night!"

The mission was to track them down here and catch them in bed. Lionel seethed with anger while his assistant standing next to him had been calling Cassandra.

"I am sorry, we can't provide this either,"

A young lady at the front desk told him uneasily. She didn't recognize Lionel. Although she was somewhat apprehensive of his status, he made such unreasonable demands that she really could not do it.

"So where are they now?"

Turned down by the receptionist, Lionel sought to escalate the issue directly to the manager. This hotel was owned by a colleague and friend of his, so he had thought he could get whatever information he wanted from the receptionist using the connection.

By all means, he needed evidence and witnesses, proving that Rufus and Cassandra were really together last night. 'Once I get my hands on those information, I could easily get rid of Rufus and Cassandra, ' he thought in hubris.

But why did he feel so uncomfortable and angry when he thought about the affair between Cassandra and Rufus?

"Mr. Tang, the call went through."

At this time, Harry, who had been making the call, handed the phone to Lionel. Blinking in surprise, Lionel quickly took the phone, from which came Cassandra's familiar voice.

"Hello, this is Cassandra. Who's calling?"

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