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   Chapter 36 Bleeding Red

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Cassandra lay in bed and looked into Rufus's eyes. He hovered over her as his husky voice called out her name, the emotion in it evident.


Rufus lowered his head further, still gazing into her eyes.

She bit her lower lip softly and frowned.

Rufus saw her lips twist in pain and lifted the quilt that covered her body. A scarlet stain marred the sheets.

His eyes shifted once again to the woman in bed who groaned out in pain. Instantly, he knew what the problem was - she was on her period. The desire in him was snuffed out like the flame of a candle.

"My belly hurts."

Cassandra lay huddled up on the sheets, still feeling hot. She couldn't control the reactions in her body as her abdomen squeezed in pain once again, and the heavy period leakage made the already scarlet stain even deeper. Rufus's face darkened as he gritted his teeth in frustration.

It had been the beginning of a wonderful night. Of course, her period decided to make an entrance and interrupt them at a most crucial moment.

Cassandra was fully awake at this point. The sharp pain in her belly overrode the desire she had been feeling previously. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Rufus still standing and watching her by the bedside. Pissed off at the motionless man, she grabbed hold of a pillow next to her and slammed it in his face.

"Oh god, why are you still standing there? Go and get me a sanitary napkin immediately!"

Rufus blanched at her audacious request. She must be kidding. It was atrocious of her to demand that he buy her a sanitary pad!

"Fine," he said in a low voice, not revealing his true thoughts.

Even if it was ridiculous, Rufus had no option but to go out and get the pad. It would be even more irresponsible to keep her bleeding on the bed like that, without offering any help.

The entire episode had discomposed him.

Rufus grabbed his jacket and left the room, glancing at her with a dark expression on his face.

After he left, Cassandra got up from the bed slowly. She wrapped herself in the thin blanket and walked into the bathroom, almost doubling over in pain.

After a while,

ink lip gloss and glided it across her lips carefully. Suddenly, her hand trembled, making the lip gloss slide to the outside of her lips. Cassandra stared at the pink stain with a frown. It reminded her of last night.

Rufus had moved her into a new room, but It was clear to her what was about to happen last night - they nearly had sex again. Fortunately, her period came right on time and prevented it from happening.

Cassandra felt ashamed when she remembered her response to Rufus's desire. It was quite mortifying to get a period right when they were about to have sex. He was probably shocked to see the messy scene. She winced at the prospect of seeing him again.

She slept with Rufus in Rome, but had been embarrasing herself in front of him ever since they met again.

Cassandra decided that she ought to restrain herself.

It was difficult to be composed around Rufus, but she could behave herself. She twirled the lip gloss in her fingers and stared at her reflection in the mirror absent mindedly.

A sudden knock on the door interrupted her self-reproachful musings.

"Cassandra, it is time to go. Please get ready."

It was Rufus! She was shocked to hear his voice and rose up from the dressing chair in panic.

Although Cassandra had butterflies in her stomach, she had no option but to pretend to be composed. Taking in a deep breath, she straightened her clothes and walked up to the door.

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