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   Chapter 34 In The Bathroom

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As the night grew freezing cold, Cassandra and Rufus shared a kiss that burned passionately.

Cassandra blanked out by the overwhelming passion she felt. She could feel nothing but the burning desire of the ardent man. With her eyes wide open, she gave him no resistance and just let him do whatever he wished.

His mouth covered the fullness of hers and they were biting and exploring each other's lips. Cassandra didn't want that to stop. Rufus, however, let her go for he could no longer catch his breath. He looked at her so intensely that he was still biting his lips savoring the taste of the lady. The woman was left bewildered. The kiss felt so long and so pleasing up to the point that she couldn't remember what she was doing.

"We're here,"

the man whispered in her ears. Their bodies were pressed against each other. They were so intimate that when the man spoke with a low and charismatic voice, the woman felt totally elated. Looking at her eyes, he couldn't hide the mirth and pleasure he felt deep inside.

It was then that Cassandra realized what had just happened. Feeling the intense heat and the intimate position they were in, she gave him a gentle push and cursed in a cute voice, "Bastard!"

Her voice was mixed with anger and shame. Even though she was cursing him, deep inside she knew she enjoyed the feeling. Despite the fact that it was too embarrassing for her to admit, she loved the way Rufus kissed her. She hated the idea that she liked the kiss and wanted more of it.

'Why did I even let the kiss happen?' she asked herself.

Escaping from the strange thoughts, she quickly got off the car and rushed into the hotel, totally ignoring him who was just following her closely. Her lips were quivering as an aftermath of the torrid kiss.

'Cassandra, what have you done?' The question kept on bugling her mind.

Rufus who was just walking behind Cassandra, casually with his hand inside his pockets. He couldn't help smiling at the sight of her murmuring to herself.

For him, the night became more charming and interesting because of this woman.

Inside the deluxe room of the hotel, sprinkles of hot water from the shower trickled down onto the floor.

Cassandra immersed herself in the hot water, letting the water flow from her head, to her face, down to her breasts, her waist, and her legs. The water was way hotter than the normal bathing temperature but she didn't seem to mind. She felt numb and careless.

She was merely standing there staring blankly at the floor. Her mind was preoccupied with the earlier kiss and the emotions

Mr. Luo, I have knocked at the door of Miss Qin's room for several minutes and there was no response."

Upon hearing the bad news, the panic that he managed to contain engulfed him. His face turning bleak, he hurried back to her room.

As he knocked at the door incessantly, he ordered the waiter to get the spare access card from the reception.

"Cassandra, are you inside?" he shouted out loud. "Open the door!"

Now his impatience and worry heightened, and his knocks on the door grew stronger and louder. However, the response from inside the room was still dead silence.

It didn't take long for the waiter to retrieve the access card. Narrowing his eyes, he soon opened the door and entered the room in a swift motion.

Cassandra wasn't in her bedroom.

Standing in her empty room, he was swallowed by his anxiety and worry.

The vague sound of flowing water reminded him of something. Hastily, he rushed to the bathroom and knocked at the door.

"Cassandra, are you inside?" he shouted.

There was again, no response.

The man felt something was wrong. Forgetting about the possibility that she could still be showering, his anxiety compelled him to open the door without her consent.

Blows of hot steam surged out, making him frown. Amidst the water vapor, the woman was nowhere to be found.

His face turned grimmer, and heat was spreading across the room. His calm composure was gone and was replaced by a nervous panic.

"Hmm, it's so hot. So hot…"

His visions were clouded by the steam so he hadn't noticed that someone was lying on the floor. It was her voice, weak and vulnerable; he knew it was her. Hearing her voice made him assume that she was safe and wiped all his worries away.

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