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   Chapter 33 An Unexpected Kiss

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When his secretary finished, Lionel squinted his eyes, moping.

His secretary knew the relationship between Cassandra and Lionel. Lionel, who had stamped with rage, now suddenly became quiet. He stood there, pulling his vexed expression together. He didn't say a word because he seemed to have something on his mind.

"When, exactly?" he asked.

Lionel barely made it to the sofa by the French window, then plopped his tired body onto it. It was impossible to guess how he was feeling because his voice had gone soft.

"8 o'clock tonight,"

the secretary replied. Now she finally had the courage to lift her head to look at Lionel, but cautiously with fear.

Lionel asked no more. He stretched his arms to both sides of the sofa. He seemed to think deeply about something or even be contriving some sort of plot.

The night was especially dark. But as a white Bentley drove to the airport, neon lights lit up the roadways, and the whole city sparkled and dazzled with life.

Cassandra had been notified to get into Rufus's car when she got done with work. She got in and sat in the back seat with him. She didn't have time to change out of her business suit into something more casual.

On her lap was a mess of business files. She read them, straining her eyes, using the lights outside the car to help her read. She squinted a lot to catch key words. Rufus had fired the relevant staff. Since she was not involved in this project, she now had to fit herself in and get familiar with the case.

Rufus relaxed beside her, looking dashing as always. He fixed his gaze on Cassandra, who was quietly absorbed in the documents. He didn't disturb her. He just sat there, watching her quietly.

She seemed to sense his burning gaze, so she lifted her head. When their eyes met, she felt an immediate, irresistible palpitation of her heart.

To break the uncomfortable gaze, she darted her eyes to view the scenery outside the window. 'Why can't I focus when Rufus is sitting next to me?' she thought.

"Are you afraid to be with me on a business trip?" Rufus blurted out.

He couldn't help but inch his body closer to her. His low, magnetic voice lingered in her mind, making her heart beat faster.

"Not at all. It's just a business trip," she answered.

She tried desperately to erase the panic from her face, to make herself look fearless. Subconsciously, she started to rub her hands on the documents in the files.

"Don't waste your time reading those. Just ask me anything you want to

turned sour, though. A burst of indignant hatred always rushed into his body whenever he thought of his mother. He had loved his mother more than anything or anyone in the world. He nearly died emotionally and spiritually when her life was stolen from this earth far too soon. As long as he was alive, he would never let anyone involved off the hook.


Rufus left his evil thoughts at the sound of a soft voice. Cassandra had just awoken. Oops! Rufus realized that he had pressed against Cassandra's hair accidentally when he was ruminating about his mother.

As Cassandra awoke and found her head against Rufus' shoulder, she immediately sat upright on her side of the seat, coughing mildly for a quick distraction. She was too embarrassed to look in Rufus's direction.


She probably expected a response to the awkward situation they'd found themselves in, so he finally called her name.

With coy surprise on her face, she slowly turned to look at Rufus with her bright blinking eyelashes.

She could suddenly feel the evil emanating from the man next to her. Rufus now looked different. His eyes grew fierce, evil but passionate.

When she realized he wasn't going to talk anymore, Cassandra broke the silence. She asked him with long eyelashes blinking, concern apparent in her tone, "What's happening?"

Rufus's eyes grew wide, as if holding in a great secret. In a blink, he lifted her chin gently, bringing her lips to the edge of his, biting slightly. Then his tongue dove in as he gave her the most fierce kiss of her life. The moment disoriented her a bit. How could she regain her composure after such an unexpected kiss?

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