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   Chapter 32 Going On A Business Trip With Him

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"They carried out all the work under my approval. I'm the one responsible. Mr. Luo. If you're going to fire everyone involved in this case, am I included?"

Lionel probed provocatively as he sat up with his two hands on the conference table. His gloomy eyes stared coldly at Rufus, who was occupying the center seat.

With an insignificant smile on his face, Rufus raised his head slowly and tapped the table with his index finger.

"The company had lost a large amount of money because of this case. They screwed it up. The solution they've provided was ineffective and only worsened the situation. I didn't know that the staff at such a big company like Tang Group could be so incompetent!" Rufus emphasized, creating an apprehensive atmosphere in the room. "However, it was not just about competence. Worst still, there are people attempting to take advantage of preferential treatments and fill their own pockets with the company's money,"

Rufus added gravely without giving much attention to Lionel. His voice was low but stern and steady. He intended to present his ideas logically. Thus, everyone present could clearly understand his point and no one dared to say anything to oppose him.

Discerning Rufus' words, Lionel's face grew darker. Lionel narrowed his eyes at the few staff members, who had just been fired. They lowered their heads to avoid the furious eyes of their superior.

Until then Lionel realized that these people had been feathering their own nests. It infuriated him to think that he had no idea of what they had done. Realizing that he was somewhat in the wrong, Lionel sat down silently with a baffled expression.

"So I guess we should call it a day. That's all for today's meeting. As for you guys, what you have done has violated the laws. The legal department will decide what to do with you. I hope that everyone in the company could learn a lesson from them. Anyone who will dare to make the same mistakes in the future will be punished severely,"

Rufus emphasized, with a demanding voice. He wore a light smile on his face and his brown eyes looked less drained. His aura bore an air of authority, which no one dared to challenge.

It was like beating the dog before the lion. Lionel, as the vice president of Tang Group could say nothing to argue with Rufus.

Casting a resentful glance at Rufus, Lionel stood up and took the lead in leaving the meeting room.

He knew that Rufus was trying to use this incident as a pretext to crack down on him. But he was not a man that could be easily defeated.

Then everybody left the room in succession. Rufus sat still in his seat. Cassandra, on the other hand, slowly gathered the papers on

t sure whether she understood Leo right. But before she could think about confirming the information, Leo was already gone. She picked up the ticket on the desk and frowned at what she saw. It was indeed true that she had to leave for a business trip with Rufus.

Imagining Rufus' face, she became nervous. She convinced herself that they were just going for work, but that couldn't relieve her tension.

On the other hand, Lionel had just returned to his office. He furiously shoved all the items off the desk, littering them on the floor.

"Shit!" he cursed loudly.

His secretary was too scared to move and just stood by silently. Lionel's face turned red out of anger. He was so furious of his subordinates. They did something against the law and dragged his name through mud. Rufus found out about it and took advantage of the situation to push him down the ladder of the company's totem pole. That was a solid slap on his face.

The slap in return taught him a lesson.

"Keep a close watch on our staffs. Tell them that if anyone dared to misbehave behind my back, they would have the worst days of their lives. I'll make them suffer!"

Lionel shouted at his secretary as he kicked over the bonsai to the ground.

"Yes, Mr. Tang. I'll assure you such case will never happen again,"

the secretary nodded, hesitant to say something more.

"What are you waiting for! Get out!"

Lionel shouted again. His anger was once more triggered by the secretary. But the secretary stayed and slowly said something. Her words were stammering.

"Mr. Luo has taken over the case. He will take the flight tonight to meet with the partner. And, and, and Manager Qin will go with him..."

The secretary closed her eyes, not daring to see the towering rage brewing on Lionel's face.

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