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   Chapter 31 She Missed Him

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Cassandra's mind went blank. She blinked in confusion at the sudden hug. The young woman let go of her, her eyes shining with excitement.

"Don't you remember me? I'm Stella Mu. We went to high school together, remember?"

The woman's tone rose as she explained upon seeing Cassandra's bewildered expression.

Cassandra frowned and racked her brain for the name. Soon, a girl with pigtails who wore black-rimmed glasses materialized in her mind. Whenever that little girl grinned, her braces made an appearance.

"You are Stella Mu?"

Cassandra asked with hesitation. This young lady standing in front of her was so beautiful that it was hard to connect her to the girl with braces from her memory.

Stella beamed at her words, thrilled to hear that her friend remembered her. She reached out and touched Cassandra's hand ecstatically.

"Yeah, I'm Stella! Glad you remembered me! I didn't expect to meet you here at Tang Group. Gosh, we haven't seen each other for years. I haven't seen you since we graduated from high school. Where have you been?"

Stella talked on and on as if she never planned to stop. Cassandra realized that she hadn't changed a bit. Her friend was still as lively and talkative as before.

She was still surprised at meeting a childhood friend. "I went to Rome to study. Came back not so long ago. You are so beautiful, Stella."

Cassandra smiled at Stella, sighing pleasantly at the change in her friend.

"Oh," Stella blushed. "of course, you went abroad! I should have guessed. Why didn't you keep in touch? Have I ever told you that you were my idol in high school? You were so beautiful and scored so well in exams. I admired and envied you."

Stella's excitement at meeting an acquaintance from years ago still hadn't dimmed. She wanted to catch up on everything they had been up to in the past several years.

Cassandra was a bit embarrassed. She gave Stella a smile and lowered her head. Time is cruel and strange. She had gotten engaged that year when she finished high school. Then, she went to Rome after getting married, without telling anyone.

Time in Rome had seemed to slow down. Her days were not as smooth as she had hoped for. She had endured a lot of loneliness in the foreign land. But eventually, she had made friends, and now she had left her social circle in the country behind.

Stella Mu was the first friend she had met after coming back to G City.

The two old friends soon got caught up in their conversation. They chatted for a long time. Cassandra learned that Stella was a fresh graduate and working in the marketing department of Tang Group. They might not be in the same division, but at least now they were in the same company.

Cassandra and Stella became good friends in only a matter of days. Stella

e she didn't exist. Something was different about him. A sense of strangeness engulfed her as she mulled over the possibilities.

There was a heated discussion going on before Rufus's arrival. However, once he showed up, the voices in the room hushed down. He walked over to the center of the table and sunk in the CEO's seat, looking around with distant eyes as he waved one hand to the assistant standing behind him.

The assistant understood his signal and turned on the projector in the conference room. Details of Tang Group's largest project, that they had signed this year, appeared on the large screen.

A few people in the room paled at the sight. Not one of them had suspected that Rufus had called the urgent meeting because of this.

Cassandra did not understand the intricate details of the project, but she sensed the atmosphere in the room turning for the worse. A deafening silence ensued.

"For those who are responsible for this project," Rufus's loud voice reverberated the hall, "you all can go to the finance department and draw this month's salary. Then make your exit from this building. You are fired."

His words were dispassionate but decisive. Nothing but coldness could be seen in his dark brown eyes.

In an instant, the relevant personnel all stood up from their seats, panic in their voices as they begged for forgiveness. Even Lionel's face betrayed the horror he felt.

Others in the meeting room exchanged glances. Everyone knew that those were Lionel's men. How could Rufus dismiss them without a second thought?

"Get out right now!"

Rufus turned a deaf ear to their pleas. His eyes were narrowed to slits. The tension in the air was so thick that everyone found it difficult to breathe.

It's said that a new broom sweeps clean. Was Rufus the new broom? Was this the start of his fight against Lionel?

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