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   Chapter 28 The Silent Farewell

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"How did you find your way into my room?"

Shock written all over her pretty face, Cassandra sprang up. Feeling dazed, she blinked, unsure whether she was in a dream or not.

Gazing at her with lustful eyes, Rufus sauntered to her, with a mischievous half- smile on his lips as usual.

"What...are you up to, Rufus?"

As soon as he stopped beside her, he spread out his arms and wrapped her in such a tight embrace that made her blush and instinctively lower her voice.

Without uttering a word, moving or blinking, Rufus kept her in his arms. For the moment he just enjoyed the warmth with a playful smile on his lips.

The air around them began to fill with passion. Caged in his tight arms, she was forced to lean against his chest. She could hear his heartbeat, which was very steady. 'Is he distressed? Tonight, he looks restrained, unlike his usual cheerful self.'

She gave up the attempt to break free from his arms, not sure whether it was because she feared he'd blackmail her or she actually enjoyed the warmth of his hug. With an innocent look, she lifted her eyes to read his moods, but the blank look on his face gave no secrets away.

"What's wrong with you?"

unable to hold herself back, Cassandra finally asked.

Narrowing his eyes, Rufus replied, but apparently not to her question, "I like the fragrance of the perfume you're wearing."

The charm of his deep, husky voice completely disarmed her, sending a tingling of electrical current through her body. Her heartbeat raced up.

Blushing at her unintentional response, she struggled and quickly freed herself from his arms. She innocently rolled her eyes at him.

"Rufus, it is very late. Someone might find out about your coming here if you don't leave now. I just hope you're not planning to embarrass me that way,"

she muttered, well aware that deep down she was beginning to long for his affection, almost like an addiction.

In an attempt not to meet his eyes, she looked away.

With his sensual eyes, Rufus scrutinized the girl's face, a captivating smile spreading over his face.

In a low whisper, he assured her, "You don't have to fear anything. By the look in your eyes, you've fallen in love with me, and it will only be fair if we stop hiding."

At his remark, Cassandra shuddered. Involuntarily she jerked up her head, and through knitted eyebrows she wondered why she was nervous instead of angry at this moment.

It felt like her deepest secrets were being laid bare before the whole world.

"You are so brazen! Get out right now, or I will raise an alarm!"

Cassandra said in a panic, throwing her hands up in frustration. To suppress the turmoil inside her, she tried to feign indifference.

"As you please. I don't mind,"

Rufus shrugged. A look of amusement lightened up his face temporarily as he walked toward Cassandra.

"I'd advice that you stop right there," she warned.

But she didn't raise her voice, feelings of love already clouding her judgement. The biggest worry on her mind was for anyone in the Tang family to find out Rufus and her stayed in one room late at night.

"There's nothing much I want other than simply hugging you, just for a short while,"

Rufus said, trying to calm her nerves. In all honesty, he had no ill motives.

Somehow, his tone softened, although Cassandra couldn't stop wondering what was wrong with him. Something about him was out of place tonight.

Self-consciously, she reached out to fiddle with her long hair, darted her eyes everywhere, while avoiding his face.

Meanwhile, Rufus observed her, a hint of a smile making his lips curve at the corners, and his eyes gleaming with sincere adoration for her.

Suddenly, he threw his arms around her waist, and pulled her into his arms. When she raised her eyes to meet his gaze, she felt a flutter of pure affection in her heart.

In haste, she looked away blushing. Her pulse raced up, heart aching to be forever wrapped in his loving arms.


he sweetly whispered her name, and Cassandra's heart skipped a beat. So as no

t to let Rufus know he had swept her off her feet, Cassandra changed the subject.

"Are you drunk?"

She asked with genuine concern.

"No, I'm not,"

he answered in a gentle voice, a faint smile forming on his lips again.

Looking fluttered, Cassandra was at a loss for words. Through misty eyes., she kept her gaze on him.

"We are at the Tang family house, you know..."

she reminded him for obvious reasons. At heart, she wondered what drove her to entertain his advances over and over again. There was no question that she's been steering him in the wrong direction - slowly opening her heart to him when she wasn't even sure about his intentions.

And she felt like an Idiot, for the audacity of getting involved with this man, while she was still legally married to his brother.

"You silly," after watching her mulling for a moment or two, Rufus chuckled, then leaned forward and gave her a brief, gentle peck on the forehead.

In an instant, Cassandra froze. The way he went about, hugging, touching and kissing, just swept her off her feet.

Everything about him had the feel of a prince charming and made her wish she was not tied by marriage to his ungrateful skirt-chasing brother. Fantasies of Rufus and her in the rose bushes played through her mind - The dappled shade dancing on his body, pollen falling all over them and softly settling on his eyelashes.

Involuntarily, she closed her eyes and savored his kiss, feeling the thrill course through her lips to cheeks and sending a jolt power through her head. High voltage power that threatened to literally blow her mind.

When she opened her eyes after a minute that seemed like an eternity, Rufus realized the brilliance of her gaze was subdued by a hint of tears.

Puzzled, he frowned, eager to know what was going through her mind. Was it this one little kiss that had moved her to tears?

"What's wrong?" he asked, trying to read her mind, although he was genuine in his intentions.

The question, and his now affectionate, soothing manner only prompted her to freely rolling tears. A floodgate had flung opened!

With inconsolable sobs, her shoulders began to shake so violently that Rufus panicked.

"What is the matter?"

he asked, gently wiping away her tears with his fingers.

"Can you...just stay away from me, please?"

Suddenly she lifted her face, eyes puffy and red from crying.

She was fearful, and uncertain; afraid of falling in love with this man, and confused because he was supposed to be her brother-in-law.

It was his unannounced appearance into her life that cost this little woman sleepless nights and highlighted her frustration with Lionel. Not sure how to best comfort the woman with her head drooping and shoulders hunched, Rufus watched her silently. He wished he could scoop her into his hands, wipe away all her tears, allay her fears and hug her forever in his loving embrace.

But he was careful not to overstep, so he simply stood there watching, until she finally spoke between her sobs, wishing him a good night.

Then, ignoring her words, he reached out his hands and cupped her chin gently between his huge palms.

After a moment, Rufus reluctantly shifted his eyes off her, and quickly walked to the window. Before Cassandra could realize, his flexible body had leaped out of the window.

Cassandra was shell shocked. She tried to scream, but all she could muster through her parched mouth was a muffled hissing. Rubbing off her tears, she called out hoarsely, "Rufus!"

Without a reply, he just gave her a smile before turning around and heading toward the gate. In the faint light, she spotted some cars which seemed to have been waiting for long.

A sense of doom suddenly crept over her.

Recalling his words, his kisses and his look earlier in her room, she realized he was bidding a farewell, only that she had failed to read his mind. 'Where is he going...' A barrage of questions began to run through her mind. Hard, nudging questions that she didn't have the slightest idea on how she was going answer.

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