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   Chapter 27 Are You Missing Me

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There was a dull sting on the hand that Cassandra had just put down. It was expected, as she put all of her strength in that one slap, making sure that her retaliation would mark its way into his skin. Lionel was glaring at Cassandra, and their heated gazes met. He could feel his skin warm with irritation.

It was not the first time she hit him. He resisted the urge to bring a hand to his cheek to provide some relief for the biting pain on his skin. It would definitely leave a mark, but he refused to allow her the pleasure of seeing him affected by it.

Placed at the center of his silent but evident fury, Cassandra began to feel uneasy, her earlier grit wavering. "You insulted me first. I just returned the favor," she said, trying to modulate her voice to keep it from shaking.

She could sense his anger. It seemed to rise and thicken the air around them. She took a few steps back to create a distance between them. Lionel's eyes did not leave her even as he remained in stoic silence. 'Did I overreact?' Cassandra wondered to herself.

"Cas-san-dra Qin,"

he finally spoke, pronouncing her name syllable by syllable, as if taking each syllable in his mouth and crushing it, then walked towards her step by step. He moved forward; she retreated. It was a slow chase as the distance between then gradually shortened. Cassandra could feel fear occupy the crevices in her chest.

Her hands grew cold as they touched the wall behind her - she had no more space to back up to.

Cassandra had nowhere left to run. She raised her head in defiance, clenching her fists at her side and meeting his eyes. Her heart was hammering in her chest, awaiting his next move. 'I have hit him anyway. Nothing can change this fact. There's no use worrying, I'll see what he will do, ' she thought to herself.

Lionel towered over her and bent his head. "No woman has ever dared hit me. And you have already done it twice," he hissed. "Are you sure you're ready for the consequences?" He was leaning forward so close that she could feel his breath on her skin.

He wore a brutal expression. The coldness of his eyes as he looked down on her rivaled that of a winter storm, and Cassandra could almost feel herself freeze under his gaze. She was petrified, unable to move. Fear was gripping her heart, squeezing it with cold, clammy hands.

Despite this, she did not avert her gaze and challenged, "I can't change the fact that I slapped you. It's already done. If you feel that it's unfair, you can hit me back. If you're a man then act like one. I'm not like those who would use despicable moves to frame others."

It was the only thing Cassandra could think of to make things even. She did not expect any graciousness from him. She raised her face, as if preparing herself for what was to come, and her eyes met his with all the audacity she could muster.

"You think I'm not going to do it?" he threatened her back.

His anger rose to uncontrollable heights. The nerve of this woman! He had never hit a woman before nor thought about doing it - he was better than those lowlifes who would raise their hands against women - but his patience was sorely tried by this one particular woman in front of him.

"Then do it. If that would make you feel that we're even. But please, consider your actions better in the future. Even if it's just on paper, I am still your wife in name. Are you that eager to see me getting into a relationship with another man? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

Cassandra hurled her anger at him without holding back. Lionel w

kindly to Cassandra's reaction. "What? You are not willing to? Four years ago you wanted to study in Rome, and we said yes. Now that we have granted you that favor, don't you think it's your turn to give back by giving an heir to the family?" she derided.

Cassandra found herself unable to reply.

Her eyes wandered, as if there was something missing. It was then that she realized that a space in the table was unoccupied. Rufus wasn't back yet. It was strange. She wanted nothing else but for him to be away from her when he was around; but now that he was absent, she felt somewhat uneasy and worried.

Unable to bear the situation she found herself in at her mother-in-law's words, Cassandra decided to take her leave. "I'll think about it," she replied politely. "I'm done. Thank you for the meal. May I be excused?"

She carefully put down her chopsticks, and stood up to walk to her room.

Lionel didn't say a single word at all throughout. He ate and listened, and when Cassandra rose to leave the table, he watched her from the corner of his eye.

"Look at that woman. What's that supposed to mean? As if we owe her something!"

the old woman scoffed the moment Cassandra was out of earshot. Horace just warned her with a glance hinting her to stop. She fell quiet at once and continued eating.

Cassandra opted to take a shower to calm her nerves. When she finished, she dressed herself in her sleepwear and rested her head on the window frame, her thoughts wandering. She felt a mist gradually creeping on her eyes, as if she was in a mirage.

'Where is Rufus?' she asked herself. In the hospital, she had already sensed that something was wrong. There was traces of panic in him, far from his usual composure. To make matters even stranger, he didn't return home tonight. Horace never mentioned him as well.

'Where has he been?' she kept thinking.

Cassandra sighed.

There was a very strange feeling in her chest as she realized how much she had been thinking about him. Since when has she started to care about that annoying man?

"Are you missing me?"

a masculine voice spoke from behind, flowing in smooth octaves, as if from a dream. She spun around. For a second, she thought her ears were playing tricks on her.

But she was wrong. There was Rufus standing behind her. 'Gosh! How long has he been here and how did he get in?'

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