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   Chapter 24 Are You Expecting Something Between Us

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Cold sweats trickled down the man's forehead. Driven by his wild emotions, he was raging with extreme sexual urges. He was puzzled, however. When looking down, he saw a pen positioned awkwardly on the floor.

Picking up the pen, he examined it and scrutinized the tiny black object equipped with it. The device was not new to him; it was not an ordinary pen.

It was a pinhole camera!

Rufus was right all along. Someone was putting Cassandra under surveillance and wanted to deliberately frame her up.

With several quick steps, he strode to the water dispenser in the corner of the room. He effortlessly lifted the barrel of water with both hands.

Hesitant at first, he frowned and then poured the water directly onto Cassandra's body, soaking her head to foot. Rufus took no pleasure in doing that, but he had to do so.

The sudden chill made Cassandra instantly open her eyes. But before she could respond, Rufus splashed the cold water onto her again.

Once, twice, three times, he repeatedly splattered her with water. He didn't stop until the barrel was emptied.

Rufus stood beside the table, holding an empty barrel in one hand. Cassandra, lying in the middle of the table, had been soaked to the skin. The drops of water dripped down the corner of the table and flooded the office.

Cassandra turned as pale as death, spitting water out of her mouth. The cold water brought her to her senses, but she was too weak to exert herself.

"Are you all right? Have you sobered up?"

Rufus asked as he felt sorry for the embarrassment he caused the frail lady. He stretched out his hand and gently tucked her long falling hair behind her ear.

Cassandra opened her eyes weakly, but fatigue totally shut her eyes down before she could catch sight of the man's face.

When she woke up again, Cassandra found herself lying in a bed. The blank ceiling greeted her eyes. As she was trying hard to open her sleepy eyes, Horace's face came into view.

"Where am I?" Cassandra asked with a feeble voice.

Her head was throbbing with pain.

"Last night, the company's security man found you unconscious in the office and sent you to the hospital in time. Cassandra, you are my daughter-in-law. You don't have to work so hard."

Horace's words made Cassandra draw a serious expression. She slowly got herself up and leaned against the bed, her eyes searched around the room as if she was looking for someone.

To her dismay, she was alone with Horace.

Cassandra leaned back blankly as if in a trance. The picture of last night flashed back to her mind. She remembered clearly how Rufus splashed the cold water onto her.

"Hey Cassandra, wake up!"

Cassandra wrinkled her eyebrows as the memories of last night crowded her mind. She was a bit confused.

'I should blame it to that cup of coffee!' she thought.

"Cassandra, what's wrong? Are you all right?"

Horace asked in a tinged voice full of worry, seeing that Cassandra was dazed.

Horace's voice drew Cassandra back to reality. She blinked her eyes and spoke with a deep nasal voice - she had a cold.

"Dad, did you come alone?"

Finishing her question, she coughed uncontrollably. Horace hurried forward to give her back a slight pat.

"Rufus also came. He's going through the paper works outside," Horace replied. "Look, Cassandra, I advise that you don't work so hard after this. If your family knows about this, they might think that our family abuses you."

Horace gave Cassandra a fond fatherly look. He was please

d with his daughter-in-law very much. On her first day of work, Cassandra passed out in her office because of exhaustion. 'She must have a hard time at work, ' Horace thought.

"Okay. I promise I won't overwork again. Thank you, dad."

Cassandra didn't bother to ask about what happened last night, because it had already flashed back to her memory. She didn't know how Rufus managed to solve everything, but she was grateful to him.

Cassandra was in deep thoughts of Rufus when the door was pushed open. She lifted her eyes reflexively and looked in the door's direction. Rufus came in with a wry smile on his face.

"All right, I have to go. Rufus will send you home after you feel better. Luckily, it's just a minor cold. Take care. Cassandra, don't work so hard."

Horace looked at his watch and bade her goodbye.

"Don't worry, dad. I'll take her home."

Rufus's voice was as lazy as ever. After Horace left, Rufus and Cassandra were deafened by the silence of the room. She caught Rufus's eye and immediately looked down to avoid eye contact - she was hesitant.

"What's wrong? Has your fever been gone?"

Looking at Cassandra's blushing face, Rufus joined his brows with worry. He sat on her bed, stroked her forehead with one hand.

On their way to the hospital last night, Cassandra's body temperature suddenly mounted - she had a fever as the result of the coupled functions of cold water and medicines.

Rufus's warm palm touched Cassandra's slightly cool forehead. Her head was kept low, and her cheeks were even more crimson.

"Don't worry. Your fever has been gone."

Rufus breathed a sigh of relief. His strung-out nerves were relaxed.

"Last night, we…"

Cassandra stuttered as she still wanted to figure out the whole story. She raised her head and bravely met Rufus's eyes. There was a sheepish look on her face.

"You seduced me last night."

Rufus grinned wickedly, and the charm on his handsome face grew irresistible. With a casual tone, he told Cassandra what happened last night in a low voice.

"No, I didn't!" Cassandra contradicted immediately.

She was emotionally agitated. She bit her lower lip and was full of remorse at the thought of the incident. She couldn't convince herself that the cravings and the aggressiveness were initiated by her.

"Do you still remember the way you hugged me? How your slender fingers ran on to my back? Can you still feel the warmth? Eh? I loved the way your body was pressed to mine last night! Do you still remember that?"

Rufus teased her. He watched Cassandra's rich expressions with amusement. He felt excited to see her angry, and the way she was biting her lip raised Rufus's lustful desires.

"Shut up! You mongrel! You gave me a cold bath last night. Do you remember?!"

Irritated, Cassandra got up from the bed and glared at Rufus with her striking eyes. There was a sinister smirk on his face.

"I needed you to stay rational. I had to do that. There was no other way."

Rufus played innocent, one eyebrow cocked. He showed his teeth in a grin, and his dark brown eyes showed rare pleasure - he was enjoying the moment.

Cassandra was lost for words to respond. This man saved her, but why did she blame him?

"Well, I see… Are you assuming that something wild, pleasing, and erotic happened between us last night?"

She jerked at his words, making her totally distracted. With her back against Rufus, he gently caressed Cassandra's waist and slowly yet passionately wrapped her in his arms…

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