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   Chapter 22 Rufus's Confidence

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 4729

Updated: 2019-04-21 03:27

As darkness fell outside, a wisp of white smoke floated upward beside a french window in the presidential suite.

"I want her reputation ruined to the extent that the Tang family has to get rid of her. Understand?"

A woman in a wine-red robe was talking on the phone, exhaling smoke with her fluttering full red lips. Her curvy figure was silhouetted by the dark light and the white smoke.

She was the one who chatted excitedly with Lionel in the office during the day. In G City, their relationship was known to all. Everyone knew she was Lionel's girlfriend, Ivy.

Ivy hung up the phone, and the cigarette was still burning between her tapering fingers. She stared into the distance fixedly, and her full red lips curled in an evil grin.

The sound of running water in the bathroom suddenly stopped. The beauty stubbed out her cigarette and twirled around with a charming smile dancing on her pretty face.

The man walking out of the bathroom only wore a towel covering the lower part of his body. Lionel shook the drops of water that clung to his hair. The air was thick with cigarette smoke which made him frown.

Lionel walked to the woman. He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, and whispered, "Ivy, please...quit smoking."

Ivy gave a snort and avoided Lionel's kiss.

"Why do you still come to me when your dear wife has come back?"

Ivy asked, green with jealousy. She would ne

d she was and left no space for anyone to object the decision. Lionel gave Cassandra a look of contempt. 'What an arrogant woman!' Lionel thought to himself.

"Now that no one objects, I guess it's been finalised. That's all for today."

The pen swirling between his fingers stopped, he stood up and strode to the door. His assistant followed him immediately.

Cassandra packed her stuff with a joyful smile. She had been interested in the case but didn't try for it, since she had just joined the company and felt it would be hard to win everyone's confidence.

She didn't expect Rufus would assign her the case at all, which could be a good chance for her to prove herself. Cassandra didn't want to show off. What she wanted was just an opportunity to shine.

"I see you are pretty happy. Is it because you got the case or because Rufus favours you so much?"

Lionel scoffed as Cassandra was getting up to leave with her things.

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