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   Chapter 21 Being My Woman

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"She's my wife!"

Lionel completely lost his temper as he saw that Rufus had saved Cassandra from embarrassment yet again.

He had borne a grudge against Rufus ever since the man came into the Tang Group. Lionel could not believe that this man - a bastard - had taken his place, and every intimacy between Rufus and Cassandra reminded him that he was being replaced. Rufus couldn't fool him. Lionel believed that his brother coveted his wife.

"Careful, Lionel. Don't forget where we are,"

said Rufus with a faint smile. Compared to his seething brother, Rufus radiated calm. Lionel understood the subtle warning.

This was in the Tang Group, and Rufus was his superior. The icy silence between them seeped through the office, as the brothers sat with their eyes locked on one another.

"Lionel, did you forget about our lunch date? Let's go before the cafe gets too busy!"

The tension was broken with the graceful appearance of the woman, who laid a hand on Lionel's shoulder. Her eyes grazed automatically over Rufus, and she smiled slyly.

Rufus met her gaze for a second. "I have some businesses to discuss with my subordinate," he said as he nodded to Cassandra, "so I'm afraid we'll have to leave now. Hope you have a good day, my vice president."

Rufus looked in Lionel's eyes as he accentuated the words 'vice president'. Then he turned his eyes to Cassandra.

Understanding his look, Cassandra followed Rufus as he left the room. Humiliated, Lionel slammed the door shut behind their retreating figures.

"How did I do?"

Rufus stopped suddenly and turned to Cassandra. Still revelling in the pleasure of putting Lionel in an uncomfortable position, Cassandra didn't notice that Rufus had stopped walking. She nearly bumped into him. Rufus smirked.

It took Cassandra a moment to realize what he meant. When she realized, she turned her head away to hide her grin.

"No one in the company knows the relationship between Lionel and me."

Cassandra's voice betrayed a touch of insecurity, and Rufus suddenly felt the urge to protect her. He knew she must being going through a difficult time.

"I do."

Looking up, Cassandra found that the grin was gone from Rufus' face, and he was gazing straight at her with an inte

nsity that made her heart beat faster.

"It's okay that you know about it,"

Cassandra murmured. This was not the first time that Rufus had saved her from embarrassment, and for some reason she felt that she could be honest with him. No one else knew the relationship between Lionel and her, so she should be able to continue working at this company as if nothing had happened.

"Yes. Since you and I have such a close relationship."

Rufus stepped closer as he said this, his voice taking on a different tone. That faint smile was playing on his lips again, and Cassandra feared that if he got any closer, he would be able to hear her racing pulse.

She remembered that they were in the workplace, and took a few steps back, in case anyone saw.

"Rufus, you can't do this here..."

Cassandra glared up at him as he had her backed up against the wall.

The blush creeping across her face brought back Rufus' signature smirk, and he gazed even deeper into her eyes. Then all of a sudden, the playful expression melted from his face. He reached past her to place one hand against the wall, trapping her with a serious look.

"Lionel has neither appreciated you nor cherished you as he should. You shouldn't have to put up with him."

Cassandra lowered her head, unsure what he meant. Eyes searing, Rufus leaned in close to her and murmured, "Be my woman..."

He was curious as to how she would react to this.

Upon hearing this, Cassandra's face darkened. As grateful as she was for Rufus' help, she did not feel like to be made fun of.

She had expected better from him.

"Rufus, you are acting the same way as Lionel did. Please pay attention to your behavior and stop harassing me, or I will make you regret it,"

Cassandra raised her chin at him, with a warning clear in her eyes. She pushed past him and walked briskly back to her office.

Still staring at where she had stood, Rufus smirked at the memory of her angry face.

He just wanted to test her, and her reaction was beyond his expectations.

Rufus had never paid such attention to any woman, but Cassandra sparked his lust for conquest.

Nonchalantly, he turned and slipped his hands into his pockets. Watching her retreating figure, Rufus smiled to himself.

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