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   Chapter 20 Make Things Difficult

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Lionel's voice reverberated on Cassandra's ears, which caused her to halt her steps. With her hand covering her face in frustration, she slowly turned around.

"I really didn't see anything,"

she exclaimed, feeling remorsefully humiliated. Not a single trace of jealousy could be heard from her tone, which was extremely odd for a couple like them. It came naturally for her. Knowing that their relationship existed only for the legalities and was made on the paper - a false front, made her completely forgot how she was supposed to function as a wife catching her husband having an affair with another woman.

"Lionel, is this your wife?"

the glamorous, lipstick-smeared woman asked with her eyebrows raised. Even if she knew the real identity of the woman who just barged in the office, she had shown no intentions of leaving Lionel's side. Judging Cassandra from head to foot, she managed to draw on a meaningful smile.

Such a blatant question made Cassandra suspicious. 'Aha, so he wanted me to come to his office because he planned this sham for me?' she wondered. Remembering why she came in the first place, she quickly cleared her thoughts and braced herself.

"Mr. Tang, may I know where the documents are?"

she asked in a polite tone, completely ignoring the woman's inquisitive look. She glanced coldly and calmly at Lionel, who now had a vague expression on his face.

For reasons he couldn't tell, his wrath towards Cassandra was bellowing. As he stood up, he gently pushed the beauty in his arms away, grabbed the files on the table, and walked towards Cassandra, counting his steps.

Cassandra, on the other hand, felt somewhat uneasy to see the disturbed look on Lionel's face. The turmoil was manifested as a frown, but she tried to keep herself calm and composed, waiting for him to say something.

"How come you have no reaction for that? Any feelings at all?"

The man sought with displeasure as he faced and looked down on her. He was astonished. To his surprise, the woman was not disturbed at all by his act of infidelity. He was not expecting that. With his eyebrows crossed, he tossed the documents to Cassandra nonchalantly.

She held her composure and maintained her skeptical expression. Fixing her eyes at Lionel and with a strange look on her face, she took the documents.

On the first day of her work, her husband brought his mistress boldly to the company, totally ignoring her feelings. Moreover, he did it on purpose and really made sure that she would see it, to make her feel futile and worthless.

However, Lionel made a mistake - he overestimated himself and underestimated Cassandra. It was so hilarious that he plotted something for someone who didn't even care for him at all.

"I guess I'll just proceed with my work now," Cassandra excused herself as soon as she received what she needed.

It was disgusting and awkward for her to stay there any longer.

She remained cold and distant throughout, which made Lionel fall into deep thoughts. He didn't expect such actions from his wife.

"You haven't answered my question,"

the man reminded her. He was discontented by Cassandra's behavior of ignoring him and the scene that she had just witnessed. Normally he was well-respected by his employees because of his power and authority. No one dared to leave his office without getting his consent. Obviously, this woman was not one of those who would regard him as her superior. She simply didn't care.

"Mr. Tang

, I'm sorry to interfere with what was happening between you and your girlfriend. I didn't intend to do so. But please calm down, your secret is safe with me. I won't tell anyone in the family. After all, this is in the company, not a hotel. Please mind your behavior, Mr. Tang,"

Cassandra replied with a disdainful smile. 'This man acted childish. Was he scared of me telling Horace about it? Why did he ask that question? Well, I'm not interested in those childish tricks.

But bringing his mistress to the company is something way crossing the line. Even if he is so shameless to do so, I simply just don't care, ' she smirked as these thoughts crossed her mind.

"What do you mean? Who do you think you are?"

the man questioned in anger. He planned to make things difficult for her. With the failure of his first attempt, he hastened to block the door, not allowing her to leave.

"You think I enjoyed minding your business? Now, please excuse me. I have work to do," the woman demanded.

Cassandra now was really pissed off with Lionel, who acted even more like a child.

"Lionel, since Mrs. Tang wants to leave, please let her go," the lady who had kept silent for quite a while suddenly bade for Cassandra. Then she turned to Cassandra and explained herself, "Mrs. Tang, please don't get us wrong. We're just normal friends."

Sitting on the desk, the bewitching woman crossed her arms and smiled. Her intentions were charming, but in her friendly voice, there seemed to be a hint of possessiveness.

Cassandra didn't care. She didn't thank the woman or even looked in her direction. It fed her curiosity to know that they were good friends. 'Maybe I have been abroad for too long that I don't quite understand what it means by friends around here, ' she thought. 'Well, it seems that an intimate relationship can happen between friends.

That's really something new for me.'

"Please make way. I am leaving!" Cassandra demanded again.

She glared at the man with her fiery eyes and raised her voice.

The other woman, who received no gratitude or even a little attention from Cassandra, slowly replaced her smile with an imperturbable face. Clenching her fists, her eyes were welled up with enmity.

"Oh, you want to go out? Cassandra, I thought you are a powerful woman, aren't you? If you are really able to make things happen, why don't you crawl between my legs?" the man challenged Cassandra.

Leaning against the door, the playful smile of the man started to turn strange and unfathomable.

As soon as he finished his words, Cassandra's face turned angrily red. Hearing such humiliating remarks from the man who was so mean to her, she could no longer contain her fury. Her resentment leaked out from the calmness and composure she tried to hold.

Just as Cassandra was about to burst out, a gentle and low voice interfered. Together with the voice came a familiar scent. She glanced around with confusion, desperate to see who was speaking.

"Mr. Tang! I see that you like to flirt with your female subordinates. I'm sorry to inform you that Cassandra works under me. She's the wrong target to mess with, I have to say."

It was Rufus! With the presence of this man, strangely, her intense feeling of hatred slowly vanished into tranquility. She appreciated his timely help, though their relationship was a bit complicated. Staring at the man who had just protected her, for reasons unexplainable, she felt somewhat safe, warm, and assured.

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