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   Chapter 18 Lionel Sneered At Cassandra

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6156

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Located in the centre of G city, the Tang Group, a giant company also known as the 'Imperial Consortium', had almost become the landmark of this city.

Many people dreamed of working at the Tang Group, thus making great achievements in their own career. Standing in her own office, Cassandra looked around with purpose in her eyes and thought, 'Anyway, it is a new beginning for me.'

Cassandra graduated from the program of architecture. Upon being employed by the Tang Group, Cassandra served as the manager in the Architectural Design Department. Nobody in the company knew that their new manager, Cassandra, was the wife of Lionel. It was because Cassandra had asked Lionel not to share her real identity.

In this way, Cassandra would be free from the implications of her identity as the wife of Lionel. She believed that everyone should keep their personal and professional life seperate. All she wanted was to do good work.

Cassandra believed that business is business. For her, she only served one purpose when being engaged in this company. She hoped to be the manager instead of being Lionel's wife while working here. Cassandra placed her belongings on the desk. Shortly after, a young man in a white T-shirt stood at the office door and knocked politely to get her attention.

Upon hearing the knock, Cassandra quickly raised her head and then saw the man bowing politely to her with a smiling childish face.

"Hello, Manager Qin. I'm your assistant. You can call me Joel. Can I help you with anything?" Joel asked politely.

Joel left a good impression on Cassandra at first sight. She thought to herself, 'Well, Joel is my assistant. That's good.' Cassandra smiled and said, "I have just joined recently, so I am not very familiar with this company. If you have time, you can show me around here. I'd like to get familiar with our work environment and the other colleagues."

Joel understood what she needed and nodded immediately. He had been working for the company for two years and was, infact, older than Cassandra herself. But due to his babyish face, everyone thought he was an intern.

"Of course, anytime," responded Joel.

Cassandra quickly arranged her belongings on the desk. Then she picked up her phone and followed Joel out of the office, ready to tour the Tang Group.

"Eh, why are there only a few people in the company today?" asked Cassandra.

Stepping out of her office, Cassandra found that the Tang Group was much bigger than she had imagined. She thought, 'The Tang Group pays more attention to efficiency and systematic function but I don't see many colleagues in the departments today. It's so strange.'

"Manager Qin, you must not be aware that our new president is coming into office today, so everyone is out to welcome him at the gate of the company," Joel responded sincerely.

Joel thought, 'Coincidentally, two senior executives are to start working at the Tang Group today. This is the first time that the Tang Group has recruited two senior executives at the same time.'

Cassandra subconsciously ra

ised her eyebrows and recalled what Lionel had said angrily to Rufus earlier in the ward. Originally, Cassandra thought that Horace had only agreed verbally to let Rufus stand for the president of the Tang Group but she failed to realize that Horace would actually appoint Rufus for the position.

"Oh? I see," said Cassandra.

Cassandra smiled coldly without revealing that she had no interests in this matter.

When Cassandra was surveying the various departments, she suddenly heard Joel exclaim loudly, "Good morning, Mr. Tang!"

She turned around to find Lionel standing with his hands pushed sourly into his pockets. His face looked even more gloomy in contrast with his grey-blue suit. At the same time, Lionel looked at her with cold eyes.

Cassandra quickly looked away, pretending not to have seen Lionel.

"Manager Qin, this is Mr. Tang," Joel said.

Unaware of the relationship between Cassandra and Lionel, Joel was eager to introduce them to one another.

Before Cassandra could say hello to Lionel, Lionel gave her a jeering snort, looking at Cassandra with eyes full of disgust.

"The Tang Group never depends on a good-for-nothing. Don't expect to rely on others. You'd better not embarrass me too much!" Lionel said venomously.

His sarcasm dampened Cassandra's motivation to get well along with him. She conjured an aggressive smile in her rosy lips and met his gaze fearlessly.

"Well, I suggest you wait and see how I will make a great contribution to this company," Cassandra said confidently.

Lionel and Cassandra shared hostility towards each other. Standing on the side, Joel was completely confused about this situation. He sensed that Mr. Tang seemed to know the new manager, Cassandra.

Lionel took a lazy look at Cassandra and said nothing. Cassandra stood here with her head held high and looked as if she had nothing more to say to Lionel.

As Lionel and Cassandra parted in opposite directions, a cheerful voice came from behind them.

"The president is coming. Welcome the president," chanted a happy chorus of people.

In an instant, both Cassandra and Lionel looked back. Not far away, Rufus, in a black suit, was walking towards them in the company of the crowd. His suit was tailored superbly, thus making Rufus taller and hunkier. Like a god from Greek mythology, Rufus exuded a kind of innate royalty.

Cassandra discreetly watched Lionel's face. His eyes became sharper and crueller than earlier. A rage flashed momentarily across his handsome face. If Cassandra was not watching Lionel, she wouldn't have seen that flash of anger.

The next second, Lionel quickly turned and left. He unconsciously balled his fists which had been jammed in his pockets. It seemed that Lionel channelled his anger by doing this. Lionel thought belligerently, 'This position should have belonged to me! But now father has appointed this bastard out of nowhere as the president instead of me.' The more Lionel thought, the more he felt angry. Lionel thought, 'Anyhow, I will not give up what I derserve this easily!'

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