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   Chapter 17 Old Memories, New Hopes

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 8489

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"You have no right to say no. As the daughter of Qin family, you should be thinking about how to serve the family well. This marriage is a step forward for all of us. Whether you want to marry or not is not up to you!"

"Stop being selfish! Marrying into the Tang family is not a sacrifice."

"You must marry!"

"Cassandra, I'm so sorry. Forgive me, but I have no choice..."

Cassandra shot up from her bed, her body covered in damp sweat. The nightmares had come back - old, painful, memories that held the burn of words. She thought she could feel her mother's wet tears and hear the haunting voice of her apology echo in the room and reach her. She took deep breaths, trying to steady her breathing. Lying back down on her bed, she wrapped the quilt around her, as if it gathered her own sufferings as well.

Prompted by her earlier remembrances and unable to sleep, she let herself surrender to memories from farther back. Four years ago, it was supposed to be a time of hope. She was a senior high school student who was about to graduate. The future ahead of her was painted in bright warm colors. However, life isn't always what one likes, is it? That year, the Qin family suffered huge business failures. It was teetering at the edge of closing down when projects failed, one after another.

Soon, their business partners had terminated agreements, and the banks refused to grant them loans. The company was close to biting the dust, and it was as if the world was taking her future away piece by piece. It was at this time of crisis that the Tang family appeared like a last thread of hope, offering a helping hand to the Qin family.

But of course, it came with a price - her hand in marriage to the Tang family's son. In retrospect, the Tang family did not simply extend their hand as an act of graciousness. The two families had been intertwined in complicated relationships. To put it simply, the fall of the Qin family would have adverse, albeit indirect, damage to the Tang family's interests, so they could not just watch as they fell down and in turn pull them a few steps down as well. In the end, they figured out that marriage would be a simple way to deal with their complex positions.

Marriage would solidify the pact established between the two families, as other families sometimes did to gain a more favorable position. Finding no other alternatives, the Qin family grasped tightly at what seemed to be their last thread of hope for survival and agreed.

Cassandra was the cost of the sacrifice. At just

she had to be strong and move forward. She felt the dampness on her pillow, and resolved not to let her tears go in vain.

The bright rays of the sun fell on the ground and warmed everything they touched. Gone was the girl from last night, scared of her own shadows, Cassandra faced the day with a determined smile on her face.

She started to prepare for her first day at work. She chose a well-fitting white lace shirt and a black knee-length sheath skirt, and tied her hair in a high ponytail, which made her look fresh and professional.

Inspecting herself in the mirror, she nodded at her own reflection approvingly and encouragingly. The Tang Group was a real estate company. Cassandra studied architecture in Rome, and she was especially good at designing. She had even won awards in various international design competitions.

Needless to say, she had received offers from several established companies even before she graduated. However, she rejected them all.

Her position as the wife of Tang family's son left her no choice but to go back to G City, so she could not accept offers from elsewhere. Despite feeling weighed down by this connection, she did not waver. She was going to make something of herself wherever she was.

Besides, taking aside her relationship with the Tang family, the Tang Group was actually a good place for her to start and demonstrate her capabilities. Gathering her courage, Cassandra decided to devote herself into her coming work with hope for a new start.

She was standing in front of the Tang Group' building. Taking a deep breath to cheer herself up, Cassandra walked inside with her shoulders squared and a bright smile on the face.

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