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   Chapter 12 Being Fooled

The Enchanted Night By LEIGH COBBETT Characters: 4820

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Hearing his footsteps echoing and breaking the dead silence of the night made her feel nervous and uneasy. The silence was so deafening that her heavy breaths were so audible. Tensed as she was, she couldn't feel comfortable at the odd smell of the room. She couldn't even tell what it was that made her feel unsafe.

She had no choice but to endure it all. To ensure her safety, she had to follow his instructions and meet him there in such ordeals. For the first time in her life, she felt extremely humiliated. As a well-educated married woman, she knew for herself that it would be unethical for her to meet a man privately, alone, and very late at night.


The moment Rufus stopped, Cassandra suddenly opened her eyes in disbelief. A king-size blue waterbed came into her view!

She couldn't believe her eyes. Before she continued, she noticed that the sheets resembled an ocean wave. She felt rippled and drifted before actually laying her back on it to have an actual feel of the bed.

Rufus froze momentarily. He motioned her to face him and with one slight pull held her to her arms. He didn't plan to lay her down on the bed. Looking down at her innocent eyes, he waited for Cassandra to say something.

"I don't trust you. I can't just let you do this without any solid contract. I have to make sure that my life won't be threatened by you. We have to make an agreement."

Cassandra blamed herself for almost forgetting it. She should have brought it up when she entered the room, but she was too nervous. Luckily, she remembered it at that crucial moment before anything worst happened.

"Young lady, don't you think it's too late to start a bargain?"

Rufus said as a sinister smile slowly climbed onto his lips. The moment after, he suddenly and forcibly threw her onto that big water bed.


Cassandra automatically hollered. But it was nothing compared to the pain that came to her next as he threw himself over her. It made her eyebrows cross. With her eyes tightly closed, she cursed Rufus a million times in silence.

"Rufus, don't be such an asshole! You can't do this. You have to make a contract with me to make sure that you won't come bothering or threatening me, otherwise, I won't..."

She was making an effort to push Rufus as she explained her condition. She had turned into a helpless angry prey overpowered by his predator.

"You won't w

hat? You won't have sex with me?"

Rufus stopped her and finished her sentence with a smile.

"Oh, it turns out you really want to have sex… with me?"

Rufus pulled himself up from Cassandra. Holding his hand next to her head, he looked her straight in the eye.

He acted innocent and surprised as if his guess on Cassandra's thoughts was right.

Hearing his words, Cassandra had a flush of embarrassment. She had obvious reasons to believe that Rufus wanted to have sex with her since he asked her to meet him privately late at night.

Moreover, he threatened her that he wouldn't let her off the hook if she refused.

"But if you would fancy...if you really want it, I can do it for you even if I don't want to," he teased her.

Rufus stared at her adorable face. It was flushed as red as a freshly-picked tomato. He lowered himself and pressed his body onto hers, making her shift a little with his weight. He was so charming that Cassandra couldn't help but held her breath. The warmth of his body created tiny ruffles of electricity that crept all over her body.

He bit his lips and was about to kiss her. Right at that moment, Cassandra suppressed the palpitation of her heart and turned her head to the side with a determined look.

"Rufus, I think you had enough of fooling me around. What on earth do you want?"

Cassandra almost cried. She could hear her clear voice faltered with little sobs. She had never been fooled and embarrassed by others like this before. To Rufus, she probably was just like a toy to play with.

He noticed the sudden breakdown of the woman who was under him. His smile weakened. 'Am I crossing the line? I was only playing a joke with her, ' he thought.

"You have planned for this to happen when you asked me to come over. Please do it quickly. I'll have to go back home,"

Cassandra said straightforwardly in a cold voice and reached out to rub her eyes. She glared at him, fighting her tears from gushing out.

Rufus narrowed his eyes, hearing her words. Slowly, he extended his hand to give her face a slight caress.

In his dark brown eyes, reflected the innate image of Cassandra's face. Her beauty was close to perfection as she looked meek and vulnerable right now. Getting up, he took the remote on the side table and pressed a button. As the screen on the wall lit up, he said, "Well, let me show you something interesting."

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