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   Chapter 1398 Playing With The Panda

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The Panda House staffer kept eagle eyes on Erica as she held the panda. Although the panda wasn't that big, it seemed like he had handed her a bag of boulders instead. She couldn't lift it. "Oh, it's so heavy!"

The staff member was on the verge of laughing, but he held it back. "Yes, Lili is six years old. That's an adult panda. She weighs about 110 kilograms, much heavier than you, Mrs. Huo."

"110 kilos?" Erica's mind was blown. 'Wow. He's right. She's a lot heavier. No wonder he seemed like he was straining when he held the creature. It took a fair amount of strength to do that!'

Soon, three pandas waddled up to Erica. She asked, "Since I can't lift them, can I 'rua' them here?" She used a Chinese Internet slang there, "rua" meaning that you like something a lot and you want to play with it.

"Rua?" Matthew asked. He'd never heard that term before. He was now standing next to Erica.

Even the staffer was confused by the word "rua." Erica then reached out two hands and made a gesture to explain, pinching a pretend panda in the air. "Yeah, rua. Like this."

"Oh..." One of the staffers got it. He was a younger fellow who often surfed the net. He pointed at the panda next to her with a smile and asked, "Mrs. Huo, sure you want to rua it?"

Erica nodded with a smile, "Yes!"

"You can play with it, but I wouldn't get too rough. They look defenseless, but they're not. If anything happens, don't say I didn't warn you."

"No problem!"

Looking at the woman gently touching the panda, Matthew asked the young staffer, "What was she talking about?"

The worker racked his brains, trying to find a more suitable word to help Matthew understand. "Mr. Huo, Mrs. Huo wants with it. Yeah, that's it!"

"Play with it?" Matthew seemed to get even more confused.

"Yes, she wants to play with the panda!" Ignoring the confused man, the staffer turned to Erica and reminded, "Remember Mrs. Huo, be careful. If you piss it off, it will rua you instead!"

"Okay! I will!" Erica decided to pinch the panda more before it got angry!

Matthew took out his phone and opened the Baidu app. He searched for the word "rua" and waited a second or two. Only then did he understand what it meant.

He put away his phone and shook his head helplessly. He watched the woman play with

you asked me? You had two questions. My 'yes' was the answer to your second question—is that because your dad doesn't like Phoebe?"

As Sheffield said, women liked digging up the past and using it against their boyfriends.

Erica was stunned. "Why didn't you make that clear?"

The man cocked an eyebrow. "Why didn't you tell me Ethan wasn't your kid?" He thought she carried a torch for Ethan's father. After all, she'd given birth to his child. This was pretty early on, though. Matthew didn't want to make fool of himself by hitting on a woman who couldn't love him back.

Later, when he knew Ethan was not her child, he didn't know how to confess his feelings. It had become habit to hide them. If she hadn't asked him, he wouldn't have explained anything to her.

After all, he had never confessed his love to a girl, so he didn't know the words to use.

To him, the matter of love was hundreds of times more difficult than signing a contract worth countless millions.

Suddenly, Erica hugged him. "Matthew, you are so annoying. To think I didn't know what I was missing out on. Have you ever thought about what you would do if I married someone else?" No wonder her parents always said she was lucky. They were right. She really was lucky.

She had a family who loved her a lot before she got married, and after marriage, she had a husband who loved her deeply and four gifted sons.

Her life was perfect.

With a confident smile, Matthew said, "I always get what I want. And I wanted you."

It all depended on his whim.

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