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   Chapter 1395 Remember To Bring Your Brain

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Matthew checked the time on his phone. It was just half-past five in the morning. He sat up quietly as he observed Adkins struggling to move his brother away from Erica, and asked, "Why did you wake up so early?"

Letting go of Colman, Adkins answered, "I need to go to the bathroom!"

"Go ahead then!" Matthew urged. In fact, he wanted to hold his wife in his arms while he slept for a little longer.

The little boy got out of bed in a hurry, but when he passed by Matthew, something occurred to him. Stopping in his tracks, he asked in confusion, "Dad, wasn't I sleeping with Mom? Why was I with my brothers when I woke up?"

Matthew glanced at the boy and replied calmly, "Your mom insisted on coming to sleep with me in the middle of the night. You know, she's the only girl in our family. We need to pamper her as much as we can, and I can only sleep with her."

"Oh!" Matthew's answer convinced Adkins enough, so he went straight to the bathroom.

Like every other school day, Erica didn't sleep late. She would always wake up with the boys in order to send the four to class. That morning wasn't any different.

After washing up, Adkins asked Erica as she applied some skincare products on her face, "Mom, why did you have to sleep with Dad last night?"


Matthew was passing by when he heard the question but paused only for a second. Continuing to look for his razor, he didn't say a word.

Adkins elaborated in a serious tone, "Last night, Boswell and I were sleeping with you. This morning, I found you and Dad sleeping together. I asked Dad about it, and he told me that you insisted on sleeping with him in the middle of the night. Then you hugged each other and slept together during the rest of it."

Erica was rendered speechless. She then glanced at Matthew through the mirror and came to the conclusion that she had indeed spent the night with him. "I didn't have to sleep with your dad!" she said.

Matthew stopped looking for his razor and walked to the woman in front of the dressing table. She seemed lost in thought. "You crawled to my side of the bed last night before we slept. Don't you remember?"

Erica frowned in confusion. Then she shook her head and answered truthfully, "No, I forgot." However, if she were to think about it, when she got up this morning, she was indeed at the other end of the bed where Matthew had slept the night before. Did she really clim

are right. How could there be a real Buddha in this world? Also, how could there be real holy water in this same world we're talking about? Were you idiots to believe such a thing is real? We're in the twenty-first century. Don't you know the reason my wife gave birth to quadruplets is because of our genes?"

Without giving anyone a chance to react, he added, "Some of you even possess a master's degree. Honestly, if I were you, I would find a wall to bump my head into it a few times to sober up.

Also, if it's not clear yet, I'll tell you now that it's impossible for me to teach Erica a lesson. She's my wife! Has any of that convinced you already, or are you still looking for an explanation?

If it hasn't, I strongly advise you to remember bringing your brain with you next time you go out!"

Afterward, Matthew strode out of the reception room.

It didn't take him three minutes to get rid of a dozen rich ladies from Y City.

Paige, who was expecting at the door, couldn't help but burst into laughter as soon as she heard what Matthew said. However, the moment she saw him coming out, she regained her composure and began to follow him.

The rich ladies remained in the reception room for a few minutes more. They still wanted to vent their anger, but they wouldn't dare to cause any more trouble after being scolded by Matthew himself. Telling their husbands about it would be useless. Instead of taking their side, they might actually scold them as well.

After all, most of their husbands were CEOs in the financial business and depended on keeping a good relationship with Matthew.

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