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   Chapter 1393 Screwed Things Up

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Someone in the crowd quickly changed his tune. "Yeah, you're right. The next step is more important. Go ahead, Young Master!"

"True. I think we need to get the big picture! It's just a file. Why can't Mr. Huo's son tell us what's in it?"

Everyone shut up, even the haters. They'd given him a task, so they decided to listen.

Boswell opened the sealed document, skimmed the contents, and then read it out loud. "Senior executives and shareholders, to ensure cooperation with Strange Island Company, the next phase is to purchase its strongest competitor, Forever Poet Co., Ltd."

That part of the meeting only took five minutes. Everyone held their tongues during that time. Only the child-like voice of Boswell could be heard, announcing major decisions that affected more than a dozen companies.

After the announcements, the once quiet meeting room was in an uproar. "Mr. Huo, that can't be right. Forever Poet Co., Ltd is a well-known company with a long history..."

"Yeah. Traffic on the Sail site is at an all-time low. Why did Mr. Matthew Huo decide on that course of action?"

Paige stood beside Boswell, motioning for everyone to be quiet. "I don't think we need to question how and why he does things, do you? Really, has he ever let you down? Now we have to carry out the contract with Innocence."

Based on what Matthew said, this was a done deal. Once the cooperation was declared, dozens of factories would be all over it.

While the meeting was in full swing, Matthew drove the car and told Erica, "My phone's dead. Call Paige and ask her to go to conference room 3. She can stall them till I get there."

"Oh! Okay!" She did as he asked. It didn't take Paige long to pick up, and Erica relayed Matthew's message.

Hearing that, Paige smiled. "Mrs. Huo, please tell Mr. Huo that Young Master has already announced our contract with Innocence."

"What? I must be hearing things!" Erica exclaimed in surprise.

"I wish you were. They were too anxious waiting for Mr. Huo, so Bos

ears forming in her eyes.

Did he plan all this from the start? Was the discussion about their marriage just a sham? Was it her in his heart all along? And if so, why did he hide it from her?

Did he ever really love Phoebe?

The ringtone shattered the still and brought her back to reality. She took the phone from her pocket. "Hello?" she said.

"I've done some poking around, Miss Erma. The mastermind is in Y City, but that's all we know. We don't know his name or what he looks like yet."

'In Y City? That's great.' She didn't have to run all over the place looking for him. "I see. See what else you can dig up. Keep me posted."

"Yes, Miss Erma."

In the evening, when Matthew came back with Boswell, Erica was bathing Damian and Colman. The two boys splashed enough to leave great puddles on the floor, like they'd had a water war.

Erica was a mess, her pajamas soaked through.

On the other hand, Adkins sat on a chair next to them, holding a water gun and pointing it at his two brothers from time to time. Colman kept screaming. The noise was so loud everyone on the third floor could hear it.

Boswell ran into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around Erica. "Mom!"

Erica smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "You're back. Where's your dad?"

"Downstairs. He's on the phone. He said he'd be up here soon."

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