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   Chapter 1391 Mr. Huo The Third

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As soon as the four children said goodbye to the teachers, the vehicle slowly drove away from the school gate.

On their way home, Matthew remembered what the teacher said about Damian and looked at the boy who was having fun with Erica. "Among the songs the teacher played, which one do you like best?" he asked.

Damian tilted his head to the right and replied, "I like all of them."

"Would you like to learn how to play the piano?" 'Yesterday he said that he wanted to be a famous star like Debbie and Chantel. Does he actually want to be a pianist but still doesn't realize it?' Matthew wondered.

Damian blinked for an instant before asking for his father's permission. "Dad, is that okay?"

Matthew looked at his son with a smile that reached his eyes and said, "Yes, as long as you want it."

"Thank you, Dad!" The little boy's eyes lit up. He resembled Erica a lot when caught by surprise.

In fact, the boys looked more like their mother than their father.

After dinner, Matthew took Boswell to the company with him. There, Matthew started to show his son how to do the work.

In order to prove how serious he was about what he had said, Boswell paid full attention as he learned from his father.

Whenever he couldn't understand about something, Matthew would patiently explain it to him until he got it.

Meanwhile, many of the company's employees grew fond of the boy and began to address him as Mr. Huo the Third since he was Carlos Huo's grandson.

Later in the evening, Erica was with her children at home when she unexpectedly received a call from Matthew. "I got an emergency in the company, and I can't go home now. Could you bring me two documents I have in my safe in the study as soon as possible?"

"Sure!" Noticing the unusual urgency in Matthew's tone, Erica quickly got off the bed and told the maid to keep an eye on the three children playing in her room. Then she ran to the study.

They were still on the phone as Erica followed Matthew's instructions to open the safe.

If Matthew hadn't told her, Erica would never have known that there was a safe in that room. Putting her phone on the table, she said, "I'm done with the first lock, now what?"

"Turn right once and then turn left three times."

Crack! Erica heaved a sigh of relief and told the man on the other end of the line, "It's unlocked."

"Take out all the files on the top layer," Matthew instructed her.

The moment Erica squatted down to get the d

e driver's seat window and reached out his hand to grab Erica's hair.

"Ah!" He pulled her hair so tightly that Erica almost cried in pain. Somehow she managed to step on the gas again, this time towards the lawn nearby.

Still, the man wouldn't let go of her hair by any means at all. With no other choice but to stop the car, Erica pulled him down from the roof with her two bare hands.

He fell to the ground but quickly got on his feet and grabbed the door handle.

Erica realized she would have to open the door herself and get ready to fight.

So, she jerked the door wide and fast, causing the man to be thrown back to the ground.

Getting out of the car, she asked him, "Who are you?"

However, he did not answer her question. Instead, he stood up and rushed towards her.

Erica stretched out her leg and kicked him in the stomach. Due to the pain he felt, the man immediately took a few steps back.

Meanwhile, inside the car, her phone kept ringing over and over again. She knew it was Matthew calling. But before she could get to it, she needed to deal with the man in front of her first.

Only at that moment, the other man she had already struck down, ran over to her as well, and despite her initial thought, she would now have to deal with not only one but two men at once.

At ZL Group, Matthew was truly worried about his wife.

He knew something must have happened to Erica after calling her four times without getting an answer.

Still on the phone, Matthew suddenly stood up from his chair and told Boswell, "Stay here. Don't go anywhere before I come back, okay?"

Boswell agreed seriously, "Yes, Dad!"

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