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   Chapter 1388 Like A Queen

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Matthew quietly glanced at the woman whose face was gradually turning red.

"Matthew, you see? Rika is so kind to you. Remember to treat her well in the future, understood?" Carlos was a firm believer that it was mostly the man's fault when something went wrong in the marriage.

Matthew rarely did not oppose his father. But this time, he simply nodded in agreement and said, "I understand."

In shock, Erica looked back at the man beside her and said in a low voice, "But it's all my fault."

Pouring her some tea, he answered lightly, "It takes two to quarrel. It was my fault too."

Erica didn't know how to react to his behavior.

However, that was not the time or place to voice out her concerns. So, for the time being, she suppressed her anxiety and forced herself to continue to eat.

Two hours later, the dinner was over. As the kids had school in the morning, Erica and Matthew decided to bid everyone farewell.

The elders wanted the four kids to stay in the manor, but that wasn't the children's wish. They missed their mother and wanted to spend some time with her.

Therefore, the kids followed Erica and Matthew back to the Pearl Villa District.

The moment they arrived, Matthew went straight to his study to get some work done. After a while, he headed back to the bedroom and heard some noises coming from the bathroom. When he walked in there, he found the four children and their mother.

The scene in front of him rendered him speechless.

While Adkins was getting a basin of water to wash Erica's feet, Boswell stood on a chair to get her a towel. At the same time, Colman was on his feet behind her, massaging her shoulders and back, as Damian held a glass of juice to Erica's lips. There was no doubt how much she was enjoying their services.

When Adkins noticed his father coming in, he requested casually, "Dad, help me carry the basin to Mom. I've filled it with too much water." The basin was so heavy that the kid could barely hold it.

Matthew twitched his lips.

'Is this my place in this family? Of a servant?'

Before he could say anything, Erica handed the juice she was drinking back to Damian and stood up. Then she pulled Matthew over and let him sit down on the chair. "My dear children, listen! Dad is the

. Instead, he said cooperatively, "Drink some warm water if you feel dizzy."

"What? Why? Why do I need to drink some warm water if I feel dizzy?"

"Warm water can heal any illness!" he answered.

She pouted her lips. 'That's what a jerk who doesn't care about his wife would say!' "Come on, honey, please give me a massage!"

"A massage?" The man smirked. "Okay." Matthew put down his tablet and lay his wife on the mattress, beginning to caress her body.

The woman was soon screaming with his touch, "No, it's not there! I'm dizzy. Rub my temples!"

Matthew pretended not to hear her protest and went on caressing her.

Naturally, his advances led them to make love. In the end, Erica was lying in the bed, exhausted. "Tomorrow night... I want to sleep with my sons!"

"With whom?"

"Anyone of them." 'As long as I don't need to share a bed with you!' she thought.

The man relentlessly refused, "No way!"

"I will die!"

"Don't worry. You won't die so easily!" At worst, he could give her a night off tomorrow.

Erica was so frustrated. Was this man really her husband?

The next morning, Erica was still asleep when the kids jumped on her bed.

"Shh, Mommy seems tired," Adkins warned.

"You're right. We should leave her alone," agreed Boswell.

"Okay, but first let's give Mom a kiss," suggested Colman.

"We need to be gentle not to wake her up!" said Damian.

After the four kids kissed their mother gently, they ran back to their rooms in their pajamas to wash up.

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