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   Chapter 1387 Mother Complex

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Debbie's cheeks blushed red at his words. "Go away. The kids are all here. What are you talking about?"

Love was in the air and everyone was amused by the adorable couple.

Erica bent down in front of Colman and sternly explained, "Son, I want you to become a good man when you grow up. If you have a hundred wives, you will be nothing more than a jerk! You should be like Grandpa and marry only one person. You only need to be good to one girl all your life!"

Erica was always envious of the love between Carlos and Debbie, as well as the love between her own parents.

Matthew, however, seemed a bit agitated by her words. 'Why would she ask our son to learn from his grandpa? Is she implying that I am not good enough to be a role model?'

Colman scratched his head and he seemed quite confused. "But Uncle Sheffield said that I could have as many wives as I wanted and I could drive them around in sport cars. They could also help me manage the wineries and the companies."

After the entire room burst into laughter, Erica playfully squeezed the boy's cheeks and followed it with a kiss. As it turned out the little boy's idea of an ideal wife was his mother who could take care of everything for him.

As soon as Evelyn pinched Sheffield, he immediately corrected the boy without wasting another second. "Colman, you're such a good listener! But, I was just kidding! Sure, we can buy as many cars as we want, but when it comes to having a wife, you should remember what your mother said—one wife is enough! Look at me! The only woman I need in my life is your aunt Evelyn!" Sheffield pulled Evelyn into his arms.

Evelyn's face blushed red and she hid her embarrassment behind a fake smile. "The kids are watching us! Let go of me!" She whispered between clenched teeth.

However, Sheffield, didn't comply and the two of them remained stuck to each other endearingly.

Colman nodded, even though he was still a bit confused. "All right. I'll marry a beautiful and lovely girl like my mother!"

Erica's heart melted almost instantly and she winked at him, giving him the thumps of approval. "Wow, that's my good boy!"

Matthew raised his eyebrows. 'Beautiful and lovely? This woman is truly narcissistic.'

Then it was Damian's turn. He was the youngest of the four children, but the most sensible one. Somehow having expected what Erica was going to ask him, he didn't answer, but instead asked, "Mom, what do you want me to do when I grow up?"

"Well... honey, that will depend on you, but

s man and said, "Don't you think you're being too annoying today? Just drink by yourself if you want to drink wine. Why did you have to involve Rika?"

Sheffield raised an eyebrow and snickered at Matthew. "This is a family reunion and everyone is happy. A little bit of wine won't hurt anybody." 'I was speaking out of kindness, okay? Perhaps a bit of wine would do wonders for Matthew and Rika later in bed, ' Sheffield thought.

Erica smiled at Evelyn. "It doesn't matter, Evelyn. My brother-in-law is right. A little wine could help to show my sincerity!"

Then she picked up the glass of wine in front of Matthew.

There was still half of Matthew's liquor left in the glass. When Carlos tried to dissuade her, she refilled the glass with more liquor and looked at her parents-in-law again. "Dad, Mom, I'm sorry. It will never happen again!" Then she gulped down the remainder of the wine.

Sheffield clapped his hands in amazement and said, "Wow! You're something else, Rika!"

Meanwhile, as the confused little boy watched Sheffield clapping his hands, Jeffrey, who didn't know what else to do, started clapping his hands. "Wow! Aunt Erica is awesome!"

"Ha-ha..." The others were completely smitten by this little boy.

Carlos gave Erica a simple nod. "Well, it's okay. Please sit down and finish your dinner. We both understand what you mean. Since it was you who chose to leave, I'll blame Matthew's failure to look after you. From now on, I hope that he will pay more attention to the needs of his wife!"

As she took a sip of tea, Erica rushed to explain. "No, Dad! This time it was really my fault. Matthew has been nothing but a kind husband to me!"

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