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   Chapter 1379 Not Real Friends

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Matthew's words sent Lucia to the floor on her knees and she begged, "Mr. Huo, I'm sorry. I promise that it will never happen again! I know that it was my fault, but..."

The man didn't seem to care about the woman's pleading and he ruthlessly watched her get taken away. There were over a thousand people in the cruise ship, but not one person dared to speak for her.

Matthew whispered in Erica's ear, "The ship is heading back. We'll go straight home when it reaches the shore."

"Okay!" She nodded in response.

"I'll have someone bring you a fresh set of clothes first."

"Thanks, but that won't be necessary. I've cleaned up most of the stains with wet tissues. We'll be home soon, so don't bother!"

"Fine." Matthew didn't force her.

For the remainder of the party, there wasn't a single man or woman who dared to provoke Erica.

When Chantel was in the bathroom, Erica took the chance to call Gifford. "Gifford, I think that Chantel has offended someone she shouldn't have because of me. You have to keep her safe."

"Are you serious? What kind of trouble have you gotten Chantel into now? You've already made every member of the Li family suffer. Just make trouble for the Huo family if you have nothing better to do!"

Erica stuck out her tongue and goaded him deliberately, "I didn't mean to get her in trouble. Are you going to help her or not? If you don't, I'll find someone to protect her!"

"Who said I wasn't going to help her? I know how to take care of my wife. I don't need your help. You'd better worry about having to coax your husband."

Erica answered proudly, "My husband is not angry with me anymore. Just now, he punished a bad woman for hitting on him in front of everyone."

"Humph, you think too simply of your husband. Just because he is looking out for you doesn't mean he isn't angry with you. I bet he was just being nice in front of everyone. Wait till you get home, that's when you'll have to apologize to him." Any good man would look out for his wife in front of others, but it didn't mean that Matthew wasn't angry at Erica.

"It doesn't matter! At least, my husband has shown me enough respect in front of people. I don't mind apologizing to him later when we go home." After returning home, Erica was planning on

as about to give birth. What did her pregnancy with four babies have anything to do with the water from the river?

Besides, Chantel had been to Tow Village more than ten times, but she had never heard of such stories.

"Mrs. Huo, please give us the specific location of that river."

"Yes, Mrs. Huo. We will remember your kindness for the rest of our lives."

Erica pretended to be baffled. "Okay!"

Meanwhile, Matthew, who had been keeping an eye on Erica all this time, thought that Erica was being bullied by someone again, so he strode over, leaving his business partners behind.

He only heard the woman's last words. "It's at the entrance of Tow Village. There is only one entrance and the other three paths are surrounded by mountains. The spring water comes down from the mountain. If you can live there and drink the water for a few months, you'll be sure to be pregnant with at least a set of twins! If you are lucky enough, giving birth to four babies like me will be a piece of cake!"

"Wow! Thank you so much, Mrs. Huo!"

"Mrs. Huo, you're so kind. You're an angel!"

"You're welcome. We're friends. Glad to be of help," said Erica with a bright smile on her face. 'Not real friends at all, ' she sneered in her mind.

"Yes, yes!"

Matthew stood still and he couldn't help but shake his head as he listened to their conversation. 'Just another group of brainless women! The only reason why Erica was able to give birth to four babies was because of me. Was there any other reason?'

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