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   Chapter 1374 Mr. Huo's Wife

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Paige smiled mysteriously and whispered in Erica's ear, "Aren't you afraid someone's going to steal Mr. Huo from you? You know, I take his office clothes to the cleaner's on a regular basis. They always smell like women's perfume, so we need to get that taken care of. Mr. Huo never cheated on you. But he gets plenty of women approaching him, asking his hand in marriage, and women who want to have his baby. Not to mention those women who just want him because he's hot. Don't you want to go to the party and deal with them yourself?"

"Oh..." It suddenly occurred to Erica that even her sons told her that Matthew was surrounded by women who wanted him. Then she finally committed to it. "Of course I'll go. I'm free now. I can have a little fun too, right?"

Paige breathed a sigh of relief. As expected, Mrs. Huo was still the same as before. With Erica around, she didn't have to watch Matthew like a hawk. Erica would do that for her.

After getting the address of where the party was going to happen, Erica was about to leave, but Paige put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. She looked Erica's dress up and down. Even Erica's everyday clothes were stylish, but definitely not suitable for a large banquet. "Mrs. Huo, maybe a makeover might be in order. I can pull strings at a salon, you can have your make-up and hair done by a professional stylist," she offered.

Erica looked down at her own clothing. That was probably a good idea. "Okay!" she agreed.

Later, when she was in the salon, Erica got a call from Chantel. "Hey, Rika. I'm in Y City. Where are you?"

Erica looked at the make-up artist in the mirror, who was applying liquid foundation on her face, and answered, "Back in the city. I just got here. What's up?"

"There's a party tonight. On 'The Princess' cruise ship. I guess Matthew's coming. Wanna go together? We'll show those guys how it's done." Chantel just flew from another city and was on the way to the cruise ship.

The Princess? That was the ship Paige told her about.

With a smile gracing her lips, Erica answered, "Of course. I'm coming too."

"Okay, see you there!" Chantel was happy to have Erica there. At least that was someone she'd know.

"Okay, bye!"

It was getting dark.

Many luxury cars adorned the marina parking lot. Men and women in formal clothes began to line up, waiting to board The P

makeup. She'd gotten a tan while training, and her skin was red now. It had gotten that way in the two days she was there. Her full red lips shone with lip gloss, which glistened under the stage lights.

She sported a necklace and bracelet fashioned of crystals and black diamonds. She was also wearing a similar-themed anklet. She looked every inch the wife of a CEO.

She looked mature and lovely. Standing in the light, she shone like a sun.

Her beauty overshadowed every woman there. The woman standing next to Matthew was the focus of tonight's party, but now the focus changed thanks to Erica. She was a being from heaven who chose to grace them with her presence.

Even if she was late, she didn't feel embarrassed. When she saw the man in the crowd she missed the most, she smiled playfully and walked elegantly towards Matthew, the most dazzling man there tonight.

With every step she took, more and more people recognized her.

"Wow! Isn't that Erica Li, Miss Troublemaker? She's back!"

"Yes, it's her! Why does she look so hot?"

"Oh my God! The necklace, bracelet and anklet, that's Black Angel, right?"

"Black Angel! You mean the set that sold for 1.8 billion? She's wearing that? Am I dreaming?"

"No, you're not! It's that jewelry set, no doubt about it. I like it so much, but I didn't have money to buy it..."

"Miss Troublemaker's back. She's a tough nut to crack. I think Noreen Xia's in trouble now! She thinks she's Mr. Huo's girlfriend. She keeps hyping her relationship with the guy. She's just asking for a slap in the face."

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