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   Chapter 1342 Matthew Loves Me

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Matthew didn't speak. Unlike before, Erica neither naughtily urged him nor coquettishly forced him to answer immediately. After half an hour, he finally agreed, "Okay."

The corners of her mouth lifted in a brilliant smile. She kissed the man's face with tear-filled eyes, and said softly, "Thank you, Matthew."

'You are the man I love most. I love you, Matthew, ' she confessed in her mind.

Matthew acted quickly. First, he confirmed a destination for Erica's trip—a country named Cass. The country was in the opposite direction of the slum.

Then he arranged for six bodyguards to follow her. Two of them—a man and a woman—were assigned to follow her closely, while the remaining four bodyguards would protect her in secret.

He also ensured that bodyguards were available for every scenic spot she visited.

While his arrangements were extreme, they helped reassure Matthew of Erica's and their two children's safety.

As soon as Debbie learned that Erica would be traveling, she offered to accompany her daughter-in-law. Erica, however, refused. Although she always listened to her elders, this time, she expressed her desire to be alone.

Debbie tried to persuade her, but the pregnant woman's decision remained unshakable. Eventually, Debbie gave up.

Her concerns only settled when she learned from Matthew the steps he'd taken to ensure Erica's safety.

After all three sisters of the Su family had been sent away, Fanya tried her best to sue Matthew and Erica, but no lawyer dared to take her case.

Finally, a small-time lawyer offered to accept the case for the money. However, he disappeared inexplicably when he went to meet Fanya.

Before leaving for Cass, Erica visited the Li family house in A Country.

In the evening, Blair drove Wesley out of their room as she wanted a heart-to-heart talk with her daughter. "Rika, I feel as though you are in a bad mood after returning this time. Tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help."

The smile on Erica's face didn't lessen. On the contrary, her tone was as cheerful and naughty as always. "I'm fine. I just wanted to see you and Dad before I leave for my trip!"

Blair wasn't convinced. "Although I want you and Matthew to get along, if you have been wronged, you have to tell me. You know that I won't forgive him if he's done something awful, right?" Blair liked Matthew as her son-in-law, but on the condition that he was kind to her daughter, and that he would

waited for this day for a long time, let alone Matthew.

Wesley felt sorry for Matthew. The young man must've hoped and prayed for this day ever since their marriage. Even though he believed that Erica had given birth to another man's child at that time, he still tried to get close to her and make her accept him little by little. Didn't this patience mean true love?

That was one of the reasons why Wesley always sided with Matthew.

It was understandable that Matthew would do so based on his personality. Many people did the same. They first lured their "prey," and then captured its heart. Gradually, they made it belong to them willingly.

Erica was confused. 'Did Matthew fall in love with me after he fell out of love with his goddess, Phoebe?

Or...could it be possible that I've been the goddess in his heart all this while?'

This realization sent a shiver through Erica. If it were true, didn't it mean that Matthew had hidden his feelings too well?

He was indeed, good at acting. She didn't know that he was Can't Do Anything until today.

No wonder he hadn't allowed her to touch his phone! He was afraid that she would find out his Weibo username.

Erica's mood should have lifted after this revelation. However, complex emotions surged through her as she believed that she knew very little about the man she had married. Matthew was a mysterious figure shrouded in mist, who had waited for her to see him clearly.

That night, Erica and Chantel shared a room. The two pregnant women touched each other's belly and smiled. How happy they were!

It was late night when they finally fell asleep.

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