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   Chapter 1341 Have Some Peace Of Mind

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'Matthew is a man who excels in everything. How could a fool like me deserve him? Only those elegant women or those who are outstanding in business like Terilynn or Evelyn suit him, ' Erica thought to herself.

Perhaps other people would call her silly and crazy. She felt like she was different from other women. For example, most women would run away in fright when they saw snakes. On the contrary, she was happy to see those animals. She would even hold them and play with them.

When she came back to her senses, she dialed Gifford's number. However, no one answered, even after she tried to call many times.

It was only on her fifteenth attempt that he finally answered. He asked in a low voice, "Rika, is there any problem?" He was on a mission, but when he saw Erica's persistent calls, he had no other choice but to find a place to answer his phone secretly.

"Gifford, I need to tell you something."

"Is that really urgent?" he asked.


"Okay, tell me," he said with a sigh.

"Long time ago, I saved a man and took him home to treat his wounds. At that time, Matthew happened to come back home from a business trip. When he saw the man, he got so angry." She paused as Matthew's enraged face flashed in her mind.

She couldn't help sobbing as she thought, 'Did Matthew already like me at that time? If he didn't, why did he get furious when he found out that I brought a man back home?'

"Rika, what is happening to you? Why are you crying a lot recently?" This time, Gifford regretted not coming to Y City a few days ago to confront Matthew.

"I'm fine. I just discovered something that shocked me. I just found out that Matthew really loves me," she replied while wiping the tears on her face.

Gifford was rendered speechless. He was surprised that she found out about it just now.

Erica continued, "Since then, that man has started to appear in my life more often. And every time we were together, Matthew would always appear and get furious. One day, Matthew beat him black and blue. When I went to the hospital to visit him, he confided to me that he liked me, and he was the one who sent me the roses." Although intermittently, she had finally told Gifford about Watkins.

She had always considered Watkins as a friend. A kind of friend that she was willing to fight for with her husband.

After listening to her narration that lasted for more than ten minu

next meeting. I want their company to disappear in Y City in half a month."

"Yes, Mr. Huo."

Kaitlyn was sent to the cave where Lenora had once stayed.

According to the rumors, Lenora went to see a psychiatrist after coming back from that cave. Many people in Y City knew about it. So when she found out that she would be sent to that cave too, Kaitlyn was so scared that she almost went crazy.

But no matter how much she tried to struggle, she was still taken away.

This time, Matthew was really furious. He didn't pass up anyone related to the Su family who plotted against Erica.

After giving all his orders to Owen, he carried Erica into the car and went back to Pearl Villa District.

Knowing that she was in a depressed mood, he didn't work that night and stayed in bed with her.

She was awake but remained silent the whole night until three o'clock in the morning. When Matthew was about to fall asleep, Erica suddenly spoke up. "Matthew, I want to go somewhere to have some peace of mind."

Matthew suddenly opened his eyes in the darkness and asked uncertainly, "What?"

"I want to go on a trip."

When it finally dawned on him, he hugged her and said, "Okay. I'll go with you."

But to his surprise, she shook her head. "I want to go alone. If you are worried about me and the babies, you can send more bodyguards to protect me." As long as Matthew wasn't there, getting rid of even ten bodyguards would be easy for her.

Matthew fell silent. He couldn't immediately agree to her because he was worried about her safety if he wasn't there to protect her personally.

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