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   Chapter 1340 Matthew Loves You

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Watkins fell in love with Camille when he was eighteen. However, she didn't like him because he was not her type. But Watkins' family had a strong background, and Champion Group was more influential and powerful than Su Group in Y City.

Because of this, she wanted him to stay in love with her and wouldn't fall for another woman. So although she had never agreed to be his girlfriend, she hung out with him from time to time.

Phoebe, on the other hand, had always wanted to become Matthew's wife. She tried her best to get closer to him. But since Erica came to his life, her chance of becoming his wife had become slimmer and slimmer. For the sake of the Su family, Camille decided to take over her sister in becoming Mrs. Huo. For Camille's plans, she needed to use Watkins, so she agreed to sleep with him. After that, he pretended to be injured and to be saved by Erica.

That was how the story started. Everything was Camille's idea. From the first time that Erica saved Watkins to the phone call before he went abroad, she knew every detail.

She was also the one who told Watkins to send roses to Erica and pretend that he liked her so much. He even dared to go against Matthew to convince Erica that his feelings were real.

The shooting incident was also her plot. She hired some gangsters to shoot Matthew, and she took the bullets for him to make it appear that she saved his life.

In short, she and Watkins had been working together to destroy Erica and Matthew's relationship.

Erica looked at Camille in shock after hearing the whole story. She couldn't help trembling in rage as she asked, "So, it was really you who planned Matthew's attack?"

Camille's mouth curved into a wild smile. This time, she didn't look aloof anymore. "Yes. I arranged everything. But unfortunately, you didn't feel anything fishy because you are stupid." Actually, if Matthew's men had not caught the two criminals who escaped, she wouldn't have admitted everything to Erica.

'Is she crazy?' Erica wondered inwardly. "You risked your life by taking those bullets just to ruin our marriage. Are you out of your mind?" What if the criminals made a mistake and failed to aim the bullets at her arm? If they hit her heart, she might not be able to survive. This thought gave Erica some goose bumps.

The smile on Camille's face vanished. She stared at her and said c

t to sue you, but I'm afraid that you will also cause trouble like Phoebe, so I change my mind. You are always cold and aloof in front of everyone. Your arrogance makes you feel like no one else can be better than you. I know a small village in M Country. I think that place is quite suitable for you. After all, you can have a peaceful life there. If you want to visit the town, it will take you a day by carriage." She then ordered her other bodyguards, "Take her away."

"Yes, Mrs. Huo!"

"Erica Li!" Camille screamed. "How dare you send me away! You're crazy!" The bodyguards covered her mouth and dragged her into the car. "Mmph!" She continued to struggle.

Since the Su sisters were now taken away, Erica allowed the driver of the Su family to leave. She was left with the four bodyguards guarding her.

She just sat there quietly, looking at the garden across the road, with confusion in her eyes.

The Su sisters had indeed succeeded in making her realize how stupid she was. She failed to find out that they all made a fool out of her. She even kept on fighting with Matthew because of them.

As she thought of Matthew, a bitter smile appeared on her face. Her heart ached. It was not easy to fall in love with a person, but she was far from worthy of him.

At this moment, she finally understood how Chantel felt. She was in love with Gifford but always said that she didn't deserve him.

She even scolded Chantel before because for her, as long as she loved a person, she deserved him.

Now she realized she was wrong. She didn't deserve Matthew at all.

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