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   Chapter 1338 I Arranged It

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Quietly, Camille reached her phone and tried to ask for help without anyone noticing.

However, a bodyguard beside her soon realized what she was trying to do. Taking out his dagger, he quickly pressed it against her neck as he snatched the cellphone from the hysterical woman.

In the meantime, another bodyguard grabbed Phoebe's purse and unzipped it to make sure that her phone was still in it.

By the time the elevator stopped on the 26th floor, the two women were forced to get out. Waiting for them, about a dozen bodyguards stood in two rows in front of a presidential suite. Instantaneously, it became clear that the whole floor had been booked by whoever was behind this.

The next moment, the sisters were led to the much-guarded suite, where they found a man and a woman in a pleasant conversation with one another.

From time to time, the woman would even laugh joyfully at the man's words.

The instant Camille recognized the woman, she unconsciously turned around to run towards the door. But before she could go very far, she felt the cold steel of the dagger against her neck once more. Then the bodyguard warned her fiercely, "Don't move!"

Phoebe, on the other hand, froze in shock to see who that woman was chatting with the man. Recomposing herself, she asked, "Erica Li, what do you want?"

Erica calmly drank from her glass of water and then smiled as she looked at the Su sisters. "Mr. Wang is a regular customer of ZL Group. As the CEO's wife, I want to give him a big gift!"

'A big gift?' Camille began to worry and warned her coldly, "Erica Li, if anything happens to me today, the Su family won't let you get away with it!"

Erica stood up, showing off her big belly as she walked around the room. With a faint smile on her lips, she asked, "Didn't anyone tell you that if anything happened to me, both the Huo and the Li families wouldn't let you get away with it either? To tell you the truth, I arranged today's dinner."

Phoebe struggled violently in response but was forced to calm down when she felt the blade accidentally slipping through her neck. As blood started to ooze out from her wound, she said, "I've already paid you ten million dollars, what else do you want?"

"What else do I want?" Touching the bracelet given by her husband on her wrist, Erica stared coldly at the Su sisters. "Don't you like to go after the same man? I want to help you get what you want. This is Mr. Wang. He's a big shot in the finan

Erica looked dead serious as she ordered the rest of the bodyguards, "Keep an eye on everyone in these rooms. They can't come out until tomorrow morning!"

"Yes, Mrs. Huo."

Downstairs, an Emperor car had been waiting for a long time at the hotel's entrance. The moment the pregnant woman came out, the man in the back seat got out of the car to welcome her in person.

"Are you done?" he asked in a soft voice and held her hands as if he didn't know what was going on inside the hotel.

The woman nodded and yawned. "Now I want to go home and get some sleep."

"Okay!" The man led her inside the car before he told the driver that they were ready to leave the hotel.

On the way back, the two didn't talk. Erica just leaned against Matthew's chest with her eyes closed.

Knowing that she wasn't asleep, Matthew suddenly spoke when they were about to arrive at their place. "The slum is ready. The Su sisters can be sent there at any time. How about we send them the day after tomorrow?"

'The day after tomorrow?' Erica thought for a while and said, "I'll see them tomorrow before making the decision." First, she wanted to enjoy her victory.


That night, Erica slept soundly as usual, but for the three members of the Su family, that had been the worst night of their entire lives.

The next day, Erica got up before dawn and took her phone with her to the bathroom. There, she dialed a number and ordered, "Ask the reporters to wait on the 26th floor."

After hanging up, she used the toilet and took her phone back to the bedroom.

Matthew was already awake when he saw the pregnant woman walking towards him.

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