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   Chapter 1334 Matthew's Babies

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The car arrived immediately. Without any doubt on Erica, the bodyguard opened the door for her. After she had seated in the back seat, he sat in the passenger seat.

While they were driving out of the community, she suddenly said, "I'm hungry. I remember there is a restaurant selling fried chicken not far away from here. I want to eat there."

"Well..." The bodyguard was obviously hesitant.

To hide her guilt, she said coldly, "What's wrong? Am I not allowed to eat fried chicken? If you starve Matthew's babies, make sure that you can take responsibility."

Her threat worked because the bodyguard immediately apologized, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Huo. Where is that restaurant? Please give the driver directions so we can take you there." 'What is wrong with Mrs. Huo tonight? According to my colleagues, she is a nice and easy-going woman. She's not like other rich women who are bossy and arrogant. Why does she seem strict and demanding now?' the bodyguard thought inwardly.

Erica told the driver the address and he followed her instructions.

She also borrowed the bodyguard's phone, so he couldn't have the chance to inform Matthew. She just pretended that her phone ran out of battery.

The car stopped in front of the entrance of a high-end community. The driver looked back in confusion and asked, "Mrs. Huo, there is no restaurant that sells fried chicken here."

"Oh, Matthew just texted me that he is here. Just take me in. We will buy fried chicken together," she answered calmly.

The driver and the bodyguard were rendered speechless.

They could sense that something was wrong, but they couldn't afford to ask more questions since she was going to see Matthew inside.

The driver said something to the security guard, and the car went inside the community smoothly.

The bodyguard accompanied Erica to the elevator, and they stopped on the nineteenth floor.

She was about to ring the doorbell, but her hand froze in midair when she thought of what might happen next.

After taking a step back, she asked the bodyguard to ring the doorbell instead while she waited at the side.

The bodyguard pressed the doorbell many times

before someone asked from the inside, "Who is it?"

Although she couldn't see the person behind the door, Erica could tell that it was Phoebe's voice.

Knowing that Phoebe would peer through the peephole, she didn't say anything but stood in front of the door.

ak. You won't wear clothes that others wear!" She knew what a neat freak Matthew was. He wouldn't even wear his best friend's clothes.

"Yes, you're right. But this one I'm wearing is new." Phoebe bought the shirt for Nathan before, but he didn't get the chance to use it. That was why he agreed to wear it.

Matthew thought of the whole scenario in his mind. Phoebe decided to sell the apartment and found the box while she was cleaning up. She then asked Matthew to get it. But when he was there, the pipe suddenly broke. His clothes got wet when he tried to fix it. She then offered Nathan's new shirt, and he changed right in time that Erica arrived. Obviously, things were preplanned. It was a trap.

He would definitely make Phoebe pay for this. But for now, he needed to focus on appeasing Erica. He couldn't do anything unless she forgave him.

"It seems that I am really a fool in your eyes," Erica murmured. She hated herself for being so stupid to fall in love with a man who loved no one but Phoebe.

When the elevator reached the ground floor, she pushed him away and walked out.

As soon as she got in the car, she dialed Gifford's number, ignoring Matthew, who sat beside her.

Every time she sent a message to Gifford, it would always take a long time before he replied. But when she called him, he would answer immediately. She knew that Gifford was always busy. After all, when Rhea called him for help last time, she had to call him more than twenty times before he finally answered.

As soon as he answered the phone, she immediately sobbed and said, "Gifford, I'm serious this time."

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