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   Chapter 1333 He Doesn't Like His Wife

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Fury coursed through Erica, and she glared at her husband. "You've gone too far. The security guard at the Blessing Palace said that the crazy woman had escaped from the mental hospital several times. She'd snuck into the palace through the hole to scare people. How can Watkins be involved? Is it possible to lure a person with a mental health condition out of a hospital?"

"Anything is possible!" Matthew snapped. He wondered if Camille and Watkins had been acquainted and whether they had conspired to destroy his and Erica's relationship.

If he found out any evidence to support his theory, he swore he wouldn't be forgiving.

"Humph! You're judging a gentleman with your evil heart!"

The man squinted and grabbed the woman's chin. "Say it again!"

'How dare you call me evil? Are you courting death?' he thought as resentment surged through him.

"You want me to repeat it? Fine! Do you think that I'm afraid of you?" Erica adjusted her position so that her bulging belly was in Matthew's sight. Then, she spoke, "I said you are judging a gentleman with your evil heart!"

She wasn't afraid of provoking him as she didn't believe that he would hit a pregnant woman.

And she was right. Matthew just couldn't be angry with her. His anger toward Watkins also disappeared the moment his eyes fell on her belly. He couldn't punish her, but he knew something else that he could do to unsettle her.

The man suddenly lowered his head and kissed her red lips, hard.

When they had lunch at noon, Erica listened as Matthew spoke on the phone. He was busy interviewing teachers for her.

Having lost her appetite, she poked the rice in her bowl with her chopsticks. Finally, she picked up all the food that the man had served her and put it back into his bowl.

This was her way of silently protesting his decision.

Eventually, Matthew put down his phone and cast a sharp glance at the pregnant woman. Unwilling to invite his wrath, she reluctantly began to eat the rice.

Meanwhile, she silently cursed him for being overbearing, unreasonable, and brutal!

Matthew had always been a man of action. This situation was no different. He found a private teacher for Erica that day itself. Now, she wouldn't need to go to school again, just like he had ordered.

Her first theory class was later that afternoon. The teacher was very knowledgeable. She explained to Erica all the concepts she had found challenging to understand earlier.

tside. She felt so betrayed. Such anguish surged through her that it felt as if a knife were piercing her heart.

'No way! I need to see this myself.' "Where is Phoebe now?" she asked.

Several agonizing moments passed before Kaitlyn replied with a voice message. "She isn't at the Su family residence. So, perhaps she is in her apartment." She seemed to be whispering in the voice message. It lent credibility to her claim that she was indeed secretly giving this information to Erica.

"Do you know the address of her apartment?"

"Yes. I will send it to you!"

It was not until Erica changed her clothes that she remembered that Matthew had asked several people to keep an eye on her. How would she leave the villa?

Perhaps they would not stop her if she claimed to be going to the Huo family's manor.

Erica breathed a sigh of relief.

When she opened the door of the villa, she saw several bodyguards standing outside. As soon as they noticed her, they became vigilant. "Mrs. Huo!" Everyone knew that this pregnant woman could climb over the wall and window. So two bodyguards were guarding the windowsill too.

Erica announced calmly, "I'm going to the manor. Ask the driver to take me there."

"Mrs. Huo, why do you go to the manor so late?" One of the bodyguards was bold enough to question her.

She glanced at him coldly, "Do you have a problem with my visiting my parents-in-law? Didn't Matthew say that I could go to the manor?"

Her tone was harsh, and her explanation was reasonable. The bodyguard was also frightened when she mentioned Matthew. "Yes, Mrs. Huo. I'll arrange for the car right away!"

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