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   Chapter 1332 A Possessive Husband

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7296

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Because of what happened, Erica lost interest in taking photos anymore. She immediately decided to leave the Blessing Palace together with Watkins and Hyatt.

The other members of the Photography Association also gathered in front of the gate. When Erica was about to get in her car, Watkins stopped her. "Erica," he called out.

She turned to look at him, and she saw the tenderness in his eyes as he said, "I'll go ahead. Take care of yourself."

Glancing at the group of people who were getting on the minibus, she asked, "Aren't you coming with them?"

He shook his head. "No. My driver drove me here. By the way, how are you and Mr. Huo doing recently? Did you fight because of me?"

"We are fine, but..." She couldn't finish her words as she felt a little embarrassed when she remembered that Matthew was responsible for his serious injuries. Instead, she said, "I'm sorry again for what happened to you. But please, don't be angry at him. As long as we don't see each other often, he won't get mad again."

With a bitter smile that curved on his mouth, he said, "I know. But we are friends. Why can't we meet anytime we want? Don't you have the right to make friends anymore?"

She knew he was right, but she couldn't do anything. What could she do when she had a possessive husband? "Of course, we are still friends, Watkins. And you helped me just now. I owe you one. If you need my help in the future, don't hesitate to tell me."

"It seems that I can only contact you when I am in trouble."

"Erica," Hyatt called. When she turned and looked at him confusedly, he added, "Mr. Huo is here."

Erica looked around and saw that Matthew got out of his car and walked towards them.

He was wearing a dark suit. His eyes were fixed on her, full of coldness and malice. He was giving off a murderous aura as if he could tear Watkins into pieces at any time.

'Oh, crap!' Erica thought. She knew he was angry again.

She suddenly pushed the young man in front of her and said, "Go now, Watkins!"

Watkins, who was stunned for a moment, didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. "Erica, I'm not afraid of him."

"Oh, stop it! Just get in your car and go. You

ill have your classes at home. You can choose between the manor and the villa."

"No way!" she refused in an instant. She couldn't imagine staying at home all day long.

Glancing at her long face, he said, "Erica, I have already given you a chance, but you've just wasted it. This time, you won't be the one to decide." If she stayed at home all the time, she wouldn't get a chance to meet any men.

"No, I won't agree with that. Matthew, I am a human. I want my freedom."

"After our babies are born, I promise that you will return to your normal life." 'But not for now, ' he thought.

Erica's face flushed with anger. "You are going too far! You didn't even apologize to Watkins for hurting him before, and now you hurt him again." At least when she slapped Camille in the hospital the last time, she had never hit her again since then.

"Don't blame me for beating him. I warned him, but he didn't listen to me."

She raised her voice and argued with him, "We didn't meet in private. It was an activity organized by the Photography Association. Besides, if he hadn't come to help me, your sons might have been killed by that crazy woman."

Matthew sneered, straightened his sleeves, and replied with the same words that she had said before. "Who knows if it was all an act?" It was possible that Watkins planned the whole incident and pretended to save Erica. As an innocent woman, she could easily believe and be more grateful to him.

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