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   Chapter 1331 A Female Ghost

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7338

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Erica stopped and looked towards the yard. The two red wooden doors were chained, but there was a gap big enough for a child to pass through.

She wasn't sure, but she seemed to see a figure flash by just now.

But upon peering at it carefully, she could see nothing.

Thinking that she might just be seeing things, she shook her head. After all, it was in the daytime. Although it was a bit gloomy, ghosts would not appear at this time of the day.

Hyatt paused and looked at her in perplexity. He was waiting for her to continue walking.

A few moments later, they continued. After passing through a long corridor, Erica saw a lot of apricot flowers blooming over the wall of another small yard. She said to Hyatt, "Wait a minute. I'll take a few photos here."

Hyatt nodded and went to the steps nearby to wait for her.

After taking enough photos of the flowers outside the wall, Erica walked into the yard through the threshold. There, she discovered a small apricot farm.

There were more than twenty apricot trees. Their flowers were already a little sparse because of the new season. Many petals that fell off from the trees covered the ground.

She took two steps back and waved at Hyatt. "Come here! There are many apricot flowers here, too," she called out.

Hyatt followed her in. But all of a sudden, his face turned pale as he exclaimed, "Oh, my gosh!" He caught sight of a figure that scared him and made him freeze.

Erica was also frightened by his reaction. She tilted her head and asked in confusion, "What's wrong, Hyatt?"

She then followed his gaze and saw a woman in a long white dress standing in front of an old, broken window.

The woman was dressed like the way she had dressed when she tried to frighten Matthew in his study the other night but ended up scaring his subordinates instead.

She was wearing a pair of white embroidered shoes. Her face looked so pale, and her long black hair fell over her shoulders.

Everything about her scared both Erica and Hyatt to death.

But despite her fear, Erica plucked up the courage to shout, "! Are you a human or a ghost?"

The woman didn't answer her but slowly walked towards them.

but unfortunately, she is here again before we can start fixing it."

The other two security guards pulled the crazy woman up from the ground. One of them kicked her and cursed, "Damn it! It's daytime, and yet, you are scaring people again! You're such a lunatic!"

Watkins said to the security guards with a frown, "Do you know who she has scared today? This lady is pregnant. If I hadn't arrived on time, even your boss couldn't afford to take the responsibility."

One security guard immediately apologized, "I'm so sorry, sir. Our boss thought that the hole is a historical and memorable thing because the ancient people made it in the past, so he didn't want to cover it at first. But since this crazy woman has sneaked into the palace several times already, he finally ordered some people to cover the hole. We assure you, this incident won't ever happen again. I'm so sorry."

Erica suddenly asked, "Does this yard connect to other yards?"

The security guard thought for a while then pointed in a direction. "Yes, ma'am. There is a door behind this yard connected to the yard of the Harmony Hall. I suppose you saw this woman at the gate of the Harmony Hall."

She nodded. Now she realized, she wasn't just seeing things earlier. The figure she saw was this crazy woman.

"Again, we are so sorry for what happened. We'll send her out right now." The security guards grabbed the woman, who was still struggling and shouting and left the yard.

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