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   Chapter 1330 Let Me Tell You Face To Face

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Before she went to bed, Erica received a WeChat message from Chantel. "Rika, I just wanted to thank you and Mr. Huo. I'll cherish this opportunity!"

Her eyebrows furrowed. "Huh? What do you mean?" Reading her reply, Chantel wondered why Erica didn't know what she was talking about.

"Do you really not know? Mr. Huo introduced me to the general manager of Global Entertainment to poach me. I assured him that after I give birth to the baby, I will sign a contract with them and begin training!"

Erica was surprised. "Seriously? I really didn't know anything about it. Matthew did that?"

"Yep! The general manager said that it was Mr. Huo who told him about me. I really appreciate it, that's why I wanted to thank you both!" Although they were only chatting through the app, Chantel's excitement was obvious.

Erica got out of bed and ran to the study. She stuck her head out from the door and asked her busy husband who was typing on his computer, "Did you arrange for Chantel to work at Global Entertainment?"

Matthew nodded. He was startled from her sudden appearance at the door.

Since he came across the general manager at a meeting last time, Matthew mentioned Chantel to him while they were talking. After all, she had become his sister-in-law the moment she got married to Gifford.

Chantel's previous performances seemed to have pleased the general manager, so he met with her to talk about signing a contract with them at Global Entertainment.

Erica understood what had happened and seemed delighted. "Chantel asked me to thank you for her!"

"It's my pleasure," Matthew replied like a gentleman.

Chantel was now part of the family, so this kind of arrangement was just a piece of cake for him.

His pregnant wife slept a lot recently. Although Matthew had finished his work early, he found that Erica had already fallen asleep when he returned to the bedroom.

Nonetheless, he was satisfied with the fact that he could sleep with his wife in his arms. Matthew didn't take her with him when he had a business trip a few days ago, so he could not fall asleep at night. He always felt that something was missing by his side.

Every night he was away, he would wonder if this heartless woman had ever missed him in the middle of the night.

When she tried to fix the blanket over her shoulder with her eyes closed, Matthew realized that he had been staring at her wife and watching her sleep. As soon as he lay down and held her, Erica turned over and wrapped her arms around him.

He smiled, lowered his head to kiss her, and embraced her tightly in his arms.

While he leaned his face on hers, he smelled her familiar fragrance. Matthew knew that he could finally have a good sleep.

The next afternoon, Erica received an announcement from the Photography Association of Y City that there would be a photography activity happening the next day a

was better at photography than him.

Erica turned to look at the photos he was showing her.

One photo was of a pear tree with white blossoms standing beautifully by the red palace wall. Under the tree, a woman in a light purple dress was taking pictures of the dancing white flowers.

The other one was a close-up of Erica's side face when she turned around. Her smiling pretty face was all over the screen, and everything else in the photo was blurred.

She gave him a thumbs up and said proudly, "This is awesome. You made me look so pretty here. If you hadn't snapped a picture of me, I wouldn't have known I'm this beautiful!"

Hyatt laughed, "Hey! Don't say that. You actually look much more beautiful in person than in these pictures." It seemed that the clearest and most beautiful pictures would always be what people could see with their own eyes.

Erica couldn't stop smiling. "All right, then. I'm going to take that as a compliment!" She pinched her own cheek, which had become rounder since her pregnancy, and walked to find a new subject to shoot.

While she was walking, she quickly edited the pictures Hyatt had taken for her and sent them to Matthew. "Hey, is your wife beautiful?"

Erica continued to search for a different view as she waited for his reply. A few minutes later, her phone vibrated. She was excited to check what Matthew had said. "I'll tell you face to face when you're done with the activity."

She pouted with frustration and dissatisfaction. 'Humph. Is he really so mean that he can't even compliment his own wife?'

After half a day of photography sessions, everyone from the association began to head towards the palace gate. Erica had also felt tired, so she followed them back and browsed through the photos on her camera.

Before they reached the front gate of the Blessing Palace, Erica suddenly caught a glimpse of a figure through the locked yard on the left.

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