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   Chapter 1328 Car Wars

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"I see a lot of guys every day. I go to school, you know. Those classes are co-ed. What's going to make you happy? Tying them up and pushing them into a crocodile pit one by one?"

Erica snapped. Matthew knew she said that to annoy him.

The doorbell rang. Matthew put down his phone and opened the door. "Mr. Huo, it's time to head to the hotel," said Ana.

"I see," he answered, and left the door open. He went back to his room and picked up his phone to tell the woman on the other end, "Have a good rest."

"Going somewhere?" she asked.

"I have a business lunch. Boring, but it has to be taken care of." He tidied up his clothes and strode out of the room.

"Why did I hear a woman's voice?" Erica asked suspiciously.

The man smiled and asked gently, "Do you mind?"

"Of course! You're my husband. Why wouldn't I mind?" she answered without even thinking about it.

Glancing at the female secretary outside the door, Matthew said, "Don't worry. It's just business. Your husband is as loyal as ever."

Realizing she was jealous, Erica picked up her phone on the bed and said awkwardly, "I don't care what you do, really. Bye!"

Then she hung up the phone.

Matthew chuckled to himself as he reviewed the chat logs between him and his wife. Sometimes he could laugh at the absurd.

As soon as he got into the car, he turned and told Ana, "I need you at the company this afternoon. Get Seth Xu on the line. We have things to discuss."

Ana was confused. "What's wrong, Mr. Huo?" 'Did I do something wrong?' she wondered.

"Nope. Just get it done," he said. He didn't tell her his wife seemed to be jealous of him having a female secretary by his side. He decided not to add fuel to the fire.

Even though Ana had a thousand questions bouncing around in her head, she was still a dutiful employee. She did what he wanted without questioning it out loud. "Yes, Mr. Huo."

Erica hated herself, because she couldn't stop thinking about it. She sent another message to Matthew, asking him about Phoebe. "Has Phoebe Su wired you the money?"

Matthew wasn't thinking about it, because he didn't give a damn about ten million. He made a lot more than that in an hour. He called Owen and asked him to check on it before he replied to Erica, "No."

There were still ten days left before the deadline. If the money wasn't there after that, Phoebe would definitely know what th

hat he had given her. It was a bracelet made of aquamarines and diamonds. Each aquamarine was about half the size of a fingernail, in the shape of a melon seed. The colorless diamonds were smaller than the aquamarines. There were about a dozen aquamarines and a dozen diamonds in the bracelet, which just sparkled on its own. Erica had never seen something so beautiful.

She stopped gasping for air. 'Is it a gift from Matthew?'

He brought her a gift every time he came back from a business trip. She didn't care too much, she was usually just glad to have him home.

Earrings, perfume, bracelets...

When she looked at the bracelet carefully, Matthew took it back from her. Seeing her confused look, he said quietly, "Stretch out your left hand."

Reflexively, Erica stretched out her left hand. She wore a famous watch he had personally chosen for her at a watch exhibition on her left wrist.

Matthew moved her watch aside and put the bracelet on her wrist.

Now she wore a watch and a bracelet on her slender wrist, and it looked like the most natural thing in the world.

The man kissed the back of her hand and announced arrogantly, "I brought you a gift! Since you're wearing it, you can't be angry with me!"

When did she say she even wanted it? The girl blushed and retorted, "Yeah, right! When did I get a choice in this? You put it on me!" He was still holding her wrist. He hadn't let go yet.

A subtle smile appeared in Matthew's eyes. He nodded and said, "Yes, I insisted on buying it for you. You wouldn't accept it, but I insisted you wear it. You can't stay mad."

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