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   Chapter 1327 A Female Secretary

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"I know. You can leave now. I have something else to do, and then I'll go home!" Erica said a bit harshly. She wasn't in a good mood.

Kaitlyn nodded and answered, "Okay, I'll go change my clothes!"

After Kaitlyn left the studio, Erica took out the cellphone from her pocket and scrolled through the messages she had exchanged with Matthew. The last one was from over ten days ago. It was a short text from him—"Hmm."

They hadn't sent any more messages since then.

All of a sudden, a terrible thought popped into her head. Although Debbie had told her that Matthew was on a business trip in M Country, she couldn't help wondering if he had been with Phoebe all these days.

However, as soon as the thought came, she shook her head. It was impossible! She must be imagining things.

She didn't know whether Phoebe had given the ten million to Matthew or not, but if she hadn't heard Kaitlyn answering the phone today, she wouldn't have considered asking Matthew about it.

After all, she trusted him and had no reason to doubt that he would accept the money from Phoebe.

Yet now, she wasn't so sure about it anymore.

With so many conflicting thoughts occupying her mind, she pressed the video call button immediately to speak to Matthew.

It took a long time for the video call to connect, but when it did, a woman's face came into the screen. Erica's heart sank as the other woman smiled at her. "Mrs. Huo, Mr. Huo is in a meeting. He didn't take his phone with him. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Who are you?" Erica asked.

"Mrs. Huo, I'm Mr. Huo's secretary, Ana."

'His secretary? Ana?' Erica stared at the beautiful female secretary on the screen for a while. Neither of them said anything. However, Ana kept smiling as she waited for her orders.

Erica still didn't understand why Matthew would hand over his private phone to his secretary. This wasn't usual of him. "Where is this meeting taking place?"

"In the hotel's conference room. I'm at Mr. Huo's room to sort out some files."

'Is the secretary in Matthew's room now?' Erica grew more and more uncomfortable. "Give him the phone, I want to speak to him," she demanded.

Ana hesitated for a moment. "Mrs. Huo, Mr. Huo is in the middle of a meeting. It's a very important one. None of the attendants have their phones with them. If it's not something urgent, I'll ask Mr. Huo to call you back after the meeting is over."

'She'll ask

er a while, he gave in and said, "If you have something you want to say, you can say it now. I'm alone in the room." He wanted to hear her say that she missed him.

But he never saw her next words coming.

"Oh, so the secretary has left?" The girl unexpectedly raised her voice sarcastically.

Feeling what seemed to be the start of a migraine, Matthew closed his eyes and ignored her sarcasm. "Yes."

"Wow, I really envy you, Mr. Huo.

Despite being on a business trip, you still have such a beautiful secretary to keep you company. Will she also be sleeping in your room at night?" Matthew frowned deeply. "What nonsense are you talking now?"

'She really needs to be taught a lesson!' he thought. 'She dares to provoke me because I'm abroad and can't deal with her, huh?'

"I'm not talking nonsense. But let's be honest, your secretary is so beautiful that even I am attracted to her." She didn't fail to notice that Ana was not only wearing black silk stockings but also a pair of red high-heeled shoes, which made her look so sexy.

However, Matthew wasn't interested in discussing his secretary. "I'll be back soon. Be good at home."

"Don't you think I'm being good? What kind of woman is good for you then, Matthew Huo?" she asked. Every time that Matthew would ask her to be good, she couldn't stop the feeling that he had created this concept of a perfect woman in his head that he wanted her to follow.

At that moment, the call went silent again. Matthew's eyes dimmed as he touched the screen of the phone with his fingertips and answered, "I just don't want you to see another man. That's all."

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