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   Chapter 1322 The Exclusive Examination Room

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7372

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After their meeting, the general manager of Global Entertainment left first. Chantel stayed in the coffee shop for quite a while, sitting alone and staring at the window blankly, still trying to digest what had happened just now.

All of a sudden, she caught sight of two men in military uniforms. Because of Gifford, she had always been sensitive to green military uniforms recently.

But this time, she was surprised when she recognized one of them. It was really Gifford!

She had never seen him again after they had gotten their marriage licenses more than a month ago.

The excitement she felt during her meeting with the general manager of Global Entertainment just now doubled upon seeing Gifford.

She couldn't help thinking, 'What is he doing here? Did he know that I'm here, so he came to look for me?

But it's impossible. I didn't tell anyone about this meeting.'

The two men walked straight to the corner and sat down in a slightly hidden table.

The smile on Chantel's face vanished as her heart sank. She was wrong. He didn't come here for her.

She was about to go to their table to greet him when a woman in a brown coat came in and walked straight to them.

Subconsciously, she sank back to her seat.

Although she could see them clearly from where she sat, she couldn't hear what they were talking about, so she just watched them.

After talking for quite a while, the woman stood up angrily and pulled Gifford's sleeve. Gifford stood up and patted the woman's shoulder as if comforting her. He then led her out of the cafe.

Chantel didn't mind the other man as her gaze followed Gifford and the woman outside. Gifford was talking to the woman in front of his car. She didn't know what he said to take the woman's anger away, but they ended up laughing. Eventually, he invited the woman to get in his car.

His car had already left a few moments ago, but Chantel was still staring outside, her mind blank.

She had even forgotten her plan to call Erica to thank her the moment she saw Gifford left with another woman.

In a hospital of Y City

Paige carefully supported Erica to enter the elevator. They were there for the latter's prenatal checkup. As soon

now," said the nurse again.

Paige didn't want Erica's effort to go to waste. Besides, it would be inconvenient for her to come back and see Watkins another time. So, she deliberately raised her voice as she said to the nurse, "Mrs. Huo heard that Mr. Chai was injured, so she came to see how he is now."

As expected, Watkins opened his eyes upon hearing Paige's voice.

The moment he saw Erica, a complicated emotion flashed through his eyes. He struggled to call her name, "Erica..."

As she heard him call her name, Erica rushed to his bedside. Looking at his almost unrecognizable face, she asked worriedly, "What happened to you? You were just fine two days ago. How did you end up like this?"

His mouth curved into a faint smile. "Haven't you heard what happened?"

That moment, Paige's phone rang. It was Matthew. She walked to the window and answered it, "Mr. Huo."

Erica shook her head to Watkins' question and asked doubtfully, "Is there something I need to know?"

Watkins fell silent for a moment before he spoke again. "I was the one who sent you those roses."

"What? It was you?" She was stunned. No wonder Matthew got very angry and blamed her for accepting flowers from another man. She didn't have any idea that Watkins was the one who sent them. "Why did you send me those roses?"

"Because I like you."

Watkins' straightforwardness stunned her more. She suddenly got confused. Did he like her as a friend or more than that?

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