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   Chapter 1321 He Cheated On Me

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"No, thanks. There's no need for that," Erica refused unhesitatingly.

Matthew stood up and walked up to her. He looked into her eyes through the mirror and said, "Don't be so stubborn."

She stopped drying her hair and explained patiently, "A pregnant woman is only required to have a checkup once a month. Besides, I'm just doing fine. I don't need to go to the hospital every half a month."

It was only two weeks ago when she had her last checkup. That was the time when they found out that she was pregnant with twins.

"But I'm worried," he insisted.

This time, she turned off the hairdryer, put it on the table, and turned to him before she asked, "Why are you worried now? You didn't even worry that night when you did something to me."

He was rude to her at that time, but he didn't worry about hurting the babies inside her belly.

His eyes darkened in an instant when he sensed the sarcasm in her voice. He suddenly became dispirited. "Just listen to me this time."

"No, I won't listen to you. But if you really insist, then I'll go to the hospital by myself. I don't want to bother you, Mr. Huo." Actually, she was still mad at him for what he did to her two nights ago. She didn't deserve that punishment he gave her.

Despite her firm objection, he still wrapped his arms around her waist and said, "They are my babies too. It's my responsibility to accompany you during your prenatal checkups."

"I already told you, no need. If you are really worried, just let Paige go with me." She shook his hands off, stood up, and was about to walk out.

But he didn't give her a chance to leave. He gently pressed her back to her seat, turned on the hairdryer, and skillfully began to dry her hair.

She was rendered speechless. He seemed to be using both hard and soft tactics.

The night was so peaceful. Matthew stopped working and also stopped Erica from playing with her phone. They went to bed earlier than usual and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, although Erica had agreed to have a checkup, she still didn't change her mind about not letting Matthew accompany her. Left with no choice, he called Paige to go with her to the hospital.

In A Country, Gifford had just arrived at the military base.

As soon as he got out of his car, his phone rang again. It was Rhea, who had

s. I can say that your skills are not that excellent yet. But before entering our company, all talents will need to undergo a few months of closed training. Each of them becomes outstanding when they finish the training. Now, I want to know if you are willing to join our company so we can arrange everything about your training."

It was such a great opportunity, and it was Matthew who recommended her. The offer was so tempting.

When she was about to say yes, her hand subconsciously touched her belly. All of a sudden, she was brought back to reality. With a sad face, she answered in a low voice, "I...I can't go for now."

The general manager smiled and said, "I know that you are not in good shape right now. But that's alright. Just give me an estimated time of your availability so we can prepare your contract. You can sign it by then." She was still young and beautiful. When the right time came, she could rise to fame in the entertainment industry with the help of Global Entertainment.

Excitement surged in her heart upon hearing his words. She stammered, "O-okay... Then... please give me..." She calculated the number of months in her mind first before she continued, " months." It was already enough for her to fully recover after giving birth.

The general manager was satisfied with her answer. "Okay, then. After seven months, come to Global Entertainment and look for me. But during the seven months, you can call me anytime if something happens."

"Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome," he replied with a smile.

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