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   Chapter 1319 Anything's Possible

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Sheffield knew how hard Matthew could hit. If he continued to hit Watkins like this, the man would definitely die. He nodded at Harmon, and the two of them stepped forward to stop Matthew before he could kick Watkins again. Sheffield reminded him in a low voice, "Matthew! Stop it! This isn't helping anything!"

If he really beat Watkins to death, things would truly go south. He was rich, but he wasn't above the law.

Neville heard what his son was saying, however, he knew his son was in the wrong.

Before Matthew could turn his fury on Sheffield, Neville got between the two and faced a fuming Matthew alone. He tried to sooth him in a soft voice, "Mr. Huo, please calm down. It's my fault. I didn't teach my son well. Let me sort him out myself, please!" Seizing the chance, he turned to his assistant and demanded, "Why are you still standing there? Can't you see Mr. Huo's angry? Grab Watkins and get the hell out of here!"

"Yes, Mr. Chai!"

The assistant nodded at the bodyguards and put one of Watkins' arms around his shoulders to support his weight. Leaving took longer than normal, because the private room was in extreme disarray.

Matthew's imposing manner struck fear into the bravest of hearts. Everyone beat a hasty retreat. Neville had always treated the man in front of him as a junior, but at this moment, he was shocked by Matthew's foreboding manner and didn't know what to say.

His son had offended Matthew. Neville wouldn't have been so embarrassed if it were anyone else.

At last, Harmon came over and told Neville, "Mr. Chai, let's discuss this another day. Go home! Relax. Check on your son."

Matthew was so angry right now that he was in no mood to talk to anyone.

Now that Harmon was smoothing things over, Neville decided to help. "Mr. Huo, I'm going home to deal with my son. When the time is right, maybe we'll all calm down some. Then I'll bring him around to apologize."

Matthew shook off Sheffield's hand and warned him coldly, "If this happens again, I will probably get extremely pissed. If I'm angry enough, I start breaking bones. I hope your insurance is paid up, Mr. Chai."

Neville didn't know how to respond. He seriously considered sending his son abroad. Maybe that way things wouldn't get out of hand.

at him in confusion and asked, "What are you doing?"

Embarrassed, Hyatt scratched the back of his head and stammered, "Be gentle with her, okay? I'm serious.

Don't spook her too much." 'What does he think I'm going to do? Hurt her or something?' Erica rolled her eyes, raised her hand and slapped on the back of his head. "Dude! She cheated you out of your money! At least let me lean on her a bit!"

Hyatt was rendered speechless. He had no choice but to follow Erica.

The two stopped near the girl. She looked up and was stunned when she saw Erica.

Hyatt introduced them in a quiet voice, "Erica, this is Pansy. Pansy, th-this good friend, Erica."

When Hyatt introduced Pansy to Erica, he spoke fluently. As soon as he spoke to Pansy, he stammered and his face turned red.

Erica had always been polite before resorting to force. She smiled at the pretty girl and said, "Hello!"

If Pansy hadn't borrowed the money and refused to pay it back, Erica would have tried to hook them up.

Almost every student in this school knew Erica. Outside of being Mrs. Huo, she had a reputation for being a hard ass. No one would mess with her.

So when she saw Erica, her smile froze on her face. Actually, she had no intention of paying Hyatt back. She wanted to keep the money for herself.

She greeted Erica uneasily and couldn't help but stare at her pregnant belly. She was far enough along where even the baggiest clothing couldn't hide it. 'Mrs. Huo's getting really big, ' she thought.

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