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   Chapter 1317 A Storm

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Erica tried to open her eyes to check if Matthew had actually sneaked up on the bed to sleep beside her, but she was too sleepy.

When she woke up at dawn, she saw that Matthew wasn't there. She scanned the room and thought that he left her alone to sleep.

The moment she got out of bed, Erica saw a piece of paper on the bedside table. She picked it up and realized it was Matthew's handwriting. She felt like she heard his voice when she read the note. "I'll be on a business trip for three days. I wanted to take you with me, but you kept ignoring me. I have to go now. I'll be back soon, but remember to miss me while I'm gone."

'He's on a business trip? How come it's so sudden?

Remember to miss him? Ha! No. I'm not going to miss him, ' she thought to herself.

After breakfast, she got into the car and left the manor. When the car approached the manor entrance, her phone rang. She didn't recognize the number. "Hello. Who's this?"

Erica heard a man's voice on the other end of the line. "Hello, is this Ms. Li? I'm from a florist's. I am close to Pearl Villa District. Can you come out and sign for the flowers?"

'Huh? Flowers? Could they be from Matthew? Huh, probably not. A man like him doesn't know how to be romantic! He's never sent me flowers before.

But maybe he did that to apologize to me.' Erica felt confused.

She asked, "Who sent them?" "Um, sorry, Ms. Li.

I don't know who sent them to you. Would you please sign for them first? I'm in a bit of a hurry to deliver the next order. I'll wait for you to arrive," the man said anxiously.

Erica looked out of the window and said, "I'll be there in about three minutes. Wait for a bit, please!"

The manor was only a few minutes away from the Pearl Villa District. She was already on her way and would arrive in just a bit.

"Okay, thank you! Bye!"

When she arrived at the Pearl Villa District, the first thing she saw was a large bunch of red roses. The moment she got out of the car, the air smelled of roses.

The man in a blue uniform brought her the flowers. "Erica Li, right?"

She was amazed to see this big bunch of flowers. "Yes, that's me!" she nodded.

The man handed her the roses. "Someone has ordered these 99 red roses for you. Please sign here."

Looking at the roses in her arms, Er

he spat, "Did you just come back here to look for trouble?"

Matthew stared at her for a while. After a few breaths, he changed his mind. "No!" He swiftly lifted her up and carried her in his arms towards the villa. "I came back to sleep with you."

He swore that he would exhaust her in bed so she would be too tuckered out to get up, let alone see another man.

Erica was shocked. 'What? Sleep with me? The nerve of this guy! I'm carrying two babies in my belly, and he wants to sleep with me?' She thought that Matthew had probably gone crazy, so he came back to torture her this way. "Put me down! I'm not going to sleep with you!"

Her hands were still stained with mud. As she struggled to get out of his clutches, Matthew's expensive suit got smeared with dirt.

As soon as they entered the living room, Matthew put her down but didn't let go of her arm. He kicked his shoes off, grabbed her wrists, and pinned her against the wall. He stared at her with piercing eyes for a few seconds. He then lowered his head, took a deep breath, and kissed her hard on her red lips.

"Mmph…" Erica tried to catch her breath. There was a huge difference in strength between men and women, and Erica was forced to bear his anger.

In broad daylight, right in the living room, Matthew had sex with his pregnant wife.

Erica had been staying at the Huo family manor for a while, so the maids in their villa were away on a temporary holiday. That day, they had their own house to themselves.

No one could hear her except Matthew.

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