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   Chapter 1316 Sleep On The Sofa

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Erica held Matthew's arm and rested her head on his shoulder. "It's alright, Miss Su. Don't be shy and accept our kindness. It's settled." When she finished talking, Erica turned to Matthew and said, "Come on, honey. Let's go home."

With Matthew still holding her waist, they stood up and walked out of the hospital.

Fanya and Camille were left alone in the ward. When she lost sight of the couple, Fanya immediately grabbed a teacup and smashed it on the floor.

She had never seen such an arrogant person until she met Erica. What infuriated her the most was that Matthew was still defending Erica despite her arrogance.

With her eyes closed, Camille stayed still in the bed as though she didn't hear the sound of the teacup breaking. Her mind was filled with thoughts of how much Matthew was spoiling Erica.

'I did hear that he loves Erica so much. I guess it's true, ' she thought.

The room fell into silence. For a while, they both didn't say anything as if they were lost in thought.

When the couple came out of the hospital, Erica shook off Matthew's arm around her waist.

She rushed to the car and got in. Matthew mindlessly followed her into the car but Erica pushed him out and ruthlessly closed the door.

He fell silent. Seeing this, Erica rolled down the window and said, "You go your own way and I'll go mine. Goodbye, Mr. Huo." She then looked away and demanded the driver, "Let's go!"

The driver started the car and left his sight.

He watched the car drive away without him. Matthew couldn't believe his eyes. For the first time in his life, he was abandoned this way.

That afternoon, Erica went straight to the Huo family's manor after class.

When Matthew got back to the villa, he found that no one was home. He reached for his phone and called Erica. She answered the call, but she didn't tell him where she was.

He then called her bodyguard and found out that she was at the manor. Matthew didn't even bother to go upstairs. He hurriedly turned around and went to the manor.

When he got there, a maid was waiting for him at the door as though she was expecting that he would come over. "Mr. Huo, Mrs. Huo is asleep. She has asked me to prepare another room for you next door and asked you not to disturb her when you go upstairs."


We were just talking on the phone ten minutes ago. How could she fall asleep so soon?'

He turned to the maid and nodded. "I see."

Matthew asked the maid to not follow him and went upstairs by himself.

Erica had taken over his room. Matthew tried to open the door but it

it again.

Matthew had been coaxing her all the while, but she didn't want to forgive him at all. Later, he made up his mind and said, "Well, in that case, I'll do it!"

As soon as he declared it, he lifted her pajamas with his big hand.

Erica was caught off guard. She sat up from the bed and kicked him hard. "Go to sleep in the next room!"

"No. I won't go anywhere! If you're staying right here, I'll stay here." Matthew couldn't sleep well without her in his arms.

She glared at the shameless man and said, "Matthew Huo, I don't want to see your face right now. Either you go, or I'll leave."

"No. No one is leaving!" Even though she didn't want to see him, he wanted to see her.

"Well then, go sleep on the sofa or on the floor, I don't care. I just don't want to sleep in the same bed with you!"

"I'll sleep on the sofa." Right when she finished her sentence, he made a choice without the slightest hesitation.

Hearing this, Erica lay back on the bed and tucked herself in. "Good night!"

Matthew kissed her long hair and said, "Honey, I'm just going to take a shower. You can sleep now."

She didn't say a word. She didn't care where he was going, as long as he didn't bother her.

Half an hour later, Matthew came out of the bathroom. Erica hurriedly turned her phone off and pretended to be sleeping.

However, despite her hurry, he still saw the light from her phone just now.

He chuckled and pretended he didn't see anything as he sat on the sofa.

A few moments later, Erica fell asleep. She couldn't remember when she had fallen asleep.

Nevertheless, she vaguely felt that someone was holding her. When she smelled the familiar scent, she immediately leaned in closer.

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