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   Chapter 1315 Shameless Bitches

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Camille had never met any women as hateful as Erica, so she retorted, "This is my first time to meet a person who repays someone's kindness with enmity. I'm surprised to know how ill-bred the daughter of the Li family is. Who do you think you are to criticize me?"

"You have no right to judge whether I'm ill-bred or not. Besides, my mother has never taught me to flirt with a married man. Don't you have any dignity at all?" Because of anger, Erica couldn't contain herself anymore. After saying those harsh words to Camille, she turned to Fanya and continued, "Mrs. Su, can't you find any decent men to marry your daughters? First, Phoebe, who is already a married woman, always thinks about seducing my husband. But she has lost the case against me and is going to pay me ten thousand dollars as compensation. This time, Camille is trying to seduce my husband too. As their mother, don't you ever feel embarrassed?"

Her words enraged Fanya that she wanted to strangle her. But with Matthew around, all she could do was stare at her coldly. "Mrs. Huo, how could you say that? If Camille didn't risk her life and take the bullets for Mr. Huo, he would be the one lying in bed now."

Seeing the indescribable expression on Fanya's face made Erica feel a bit better. She smiled sarcastically and said, "Don't forget that Phoebe tried to frame me with her unborn child before. Who knows if what happened earlier was also planned by Camille? Maybe it was all an act. She made it look like an accident and saved my husband to show how great she was. Perhaps she paid those gangsters to hurt him."

That was not impossible. After all, the three daughters of the Su family were all shameless bitches. They could even become vicious in order to get what they wanted.

"Erica Li, watch your words! Why don't you ask Mr. Huo first? He had already investigated those gangsters. They are enemies of ZL Group, and have nothing to do with our family," Camille said while clenching her fists. She had been itching to slap Erica ten times.

Fanya closed her eyes for a while to calm herself down. When she opened her eyes again, she had already returned to her normal mood. "Camille, don't explain anymore. Mr. Huo, you may leave with Mrs. Huo now. Just pretend that Camille has never taken the bullets to save you. We won't expect the Huo family to

e." She was not being too sensitive. It was just that too many women had wanted to take her place as Mrs. Huo.

And that included the Su sisters.

After she finished wiping Matthew's hands, he raised one of them and touched her head. With tenderness in his eyes, he said, "Well done."

She just smiled and said, "Honey, since I have so much money to spend, let Camille stay in the hospital until her wound heals. I will pay for her hospital bills and medical expenses. I know how busy you are in the company to make more money for me, so you don't need to come here anymore. If anything happens to her, let them contact me directly, okay?"

What else could he say? After all, he had no plans of coming over again. "It's all up to you, honey," he replied.

"But I think it's not enough. She has taken two bullets for you. And as they said, we can't be ungrateful to them. Since I'm in a better mood now, I'm thinking, since she is the chief editor of a fashion magazine, why don't we help her recruit more handsome men so her company can make more money?" she added. Her real intention was not to help Camille. She thought that if she would be surrounded by many handsome men, she would fall for one of them and wouldn't bother Matthew anymore.

"Well, I think that's also a good idea," he replied. As long as his wife was happy, he wouldn't mind anything she wanted to do.

However, Camille refused immediately. She said in a cold voice, "Thanks for your offer, but that won't be necessary. You don't need to interfere with my company's affairs."

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