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   Chapter 1314 I'm married

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That was what Paige said before she left the company.

"Did you just say the eldest daughter of the Su family? Camille Su?" Erica felt a bit confused upon hearing it. 'When did it happen? Why didn't Matthew tell me?' she wondered.

"Yes, Mrs. Huo," the assistant replied with a nod.

Erica stood still for a moment, deep in thought. Then she asked, "Do you know which hospital they were going to?"

The assistant immediately told her the name of the hospital.

"Thank you," she said before leaving. Thinking about Matthew going to the hospital to visit Camille made Erica forget about lunch, but she subconsciously brought the lunch box with her to the hospital.

She had only come back to her senses and realized that she had been holding it

when she was already at the entrance of the hospital.

Since Matthew couldn't have lunch at the hospital, she went back to the car and left the lunch box there before going inside the hospital together with the bodyguard that Carlos sent for her.

Inside the ward on the ninth floor, Matthew was standing beside the bed. When a nurse came in to change Camille's dressing, he turned and was about to leave.

But before he could take a step forward, a cold hand grabbed his arm. He frowned and looked at the pale woman in bed.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Huo, but please let me hold your hand for a moment. Changing the dressing hurts," she said in a weak voice.

"Paige," he called out. He wanted Paige to come over and replace him, but he suddenly remembered that he asked her to get some medicine in the pharmacy.

However, he still refused Camille's request, and withdrew his hand coldly. "I'm sorry, I'm married." He then turned his back on her and looked out of the window. When Paige came back, he would leave immediately.

Camille couldn't do anything but gnash her teeth silently while the nurse was changing her dressing.

But all of a sudden, the nurse screamed, "Ahhh! Miss Su, don't grab me. It hurts."

Camille immediately released the nurse's arm and apologized weakly, "I'm sorry."

"Miss Su, please hold on a little longer. I'll be as gentle as I can. Don't touch your wound because it might get infected. Sir, can you help me control the patient, please? I can't apply the medicine to her wound if she's like this," the nurse told Matthew helplessly.

After hesitating for a while, he eventually returned to Camille's bedsid

urt. But even so, she didn't give a damn. "So, do you think being hurt because of my husband gives her all the right to hold his hand, not wanting to let go?" she blurted. She was so furious, especially when she remembered that Matthew also didn't even shake off Camille's hand.

She would definitely settle accounts with him later as well.

"The nurse is applying medicine to my wound and changing the dressing. Do you know how painful it is without anesthesia? Why don't you try it yourself?" Camille said calmly.

Erica seemed to be a different person today. Fanya and Camille didn't make her panic at all. Looking at the mark of her fingers on Camille's face, she retorted, "Don't blame my husband for your pain! Besides, no one told you to take those bullets for him. And my husband cares so much for me that he surely won't let that happen to me. If it happened to be me on the scene, I'm sure that he would protect me. I don't need to be like a pest and take the bullets for him as you did."

First, she called Camille a bitch. Now, she likened her to a pest who kept on pestering her husband. These words angered both Fanya and Camille that they couldn't hide the darkness on their faces anymore.

Matthew didn't do anything to stop Erica. He just went to the bathroom to wash his hands, then sat on the sofa. He was only waiting for her to finish dealing with the mother and daughter of the Su family.

Erica had always been a glib talker in front of him. Now that she was faced with Fanya and Camille, who had images to protect in public, he strongly believed that she wouldn't lose.

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